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The New York City Mayoral Race

The first openly lesbian woman to become a major party candidate to be Mayor of New York City has received some votes for that position approaching 3 times the amount received by her closest rival. Although she has not yet stated her intentions during the next mayoral election, her candidacy has received a lot of attention and has sparked a lot of discussion. This is a new innovation for the NYC mayoral race, and following in the path of Barack Obama, who received much attention for his run for the US presidency, and Ellen DeGeneres, who was the first openly gay major party candidate for a major political office.

As the election season winds down, there’s little doubt that the next mayor of New York City will be in the mix. Many are calling it a toss-up, with a recent poll saying that the candidate with the most support from registered voters is former Comptroller Bill De Blasio. De Blasio has the backing of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and has been getting help from the Obama campaign’s Organizing for America, which recently launched a new website designed to mobilize the city’s African-American community.

The country’s largest city is facing a new change of direction. Current Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is serving out his term, will leave Gracie Mansion in January 2022 and turn the keys over to… Who? Gotham’s more than 8 million registered voters favor Democrats by a ratio of 5 to 1, but that hasn’t stopped independents like Michael Bloomberg or Republicans like Rudy Giuliani from governing the city in previous elections.  Most of the early action was on the Democratic side, with eight candidates vying for the nomination in the first-ever ranking of candidates, with voters ranking their preferences and supporters of candidates who dropped out in the first round of voting moving on to others.

Retired police officer Eric Adams emerged victorious in the first round with 30.8% of the vote, followed by civil rights activist Maya Wiley with 21.3% and health commissioner Catherine Garcia with 19.6%; all three are people of color.  After eight rounds of voting, the winner was Eric Adams, with just a one-point lead over Catherine Garcia, 50.5% to 49.5%.  On the Republican side, Guardian Angels militia founder and current radio show host Curtis Plum easily defeated his only competitor by 68% to 27%.  In total, Democrats cast nearly a million votes, while GOP voters cast just 60,000 votes, which could foreshadow a Republican defeat in November.

A quick look at the current asteroid pattern could save everyone a lot of trouble and expense in determining the Democratic Party candidate and likely the next mayor of the Big Apple.  The asteroids Adams and Mayo (closest to the mayor) have been in extended conjunction since March 2020, never more than ten degrees apart, and will remain in conjunction until the general election on May 2, 2020. November remains in this state and does not leave the conjunctival orbit until mid-December.  This alone could be the most important factor in this race, but that would be a very short article, so let’s look a little deeper.

Eric Adams celebrates his primary victory; the asteroids Adams and Mayo (for mayor) are in extended conjunction from March 2020 to December 2021, so his election seems a foregone conclusion.

Eric Adams began his term by announcing his candidacy on the 18th. November 2020.  Adams and Mayo were in conjunction at 11 and 13 Libra, in trine with the asteroid Manhattan (named after the main borough of New York and our celestial symbol for the metropolis in general) at 18 Gemini and the asteroid Eric at 1 Sagittarius in conjunction with the Sun at 26 Scorpio, which drew attention to Adams, which he never gave up.

In the primaries at 22. June Adams and Mayo are in conjunction at 17 and 18 Libra in a grand trine with Mercury, which rules the election itself and its count, at 16 Gemini, and Saturn, exact with the asteroid Victoria at 12 Aquarius.  Victoria is named after the Roman goddess of victory, the root of our word, and will retrograde four days later.

The asteroid Eric at 1 Aquarius is too wide in this pair to be considered a conjunction, but it is opposite the asteroid Manhattan at 2 Leo, giving Adams a personified local conjunction.  Eric also faces Curtis asteroid at 0 Leo, foreshadowing their next clash as rivals and providing Curtis Plum with an easy path to the party nomination.

Adams’ main opposition, Catherine Garcia, is seen as the asteroid Catherine, which is in broad opposition to Adams/Mayo in 8 Aries and has a closer square to the Sun in 1 Cancer, giving her an increased visibility that puts her within reach of the prize.  The asteroid Garcia in 25 Pisces is in conjunction with Neptune in 23, the symbol of disappointment, and also forms a square with the asteroid NOT, the general disqualifier, in 23 Sagittarius.

With the asteroid Katherine square the Sun, Democratic Party candidate Katherine Garcia was very prominent in the primaries, but Garcia’s conjunction with the frustrating Neptune and her square with the disqualifying asteroid NOT meant she was narrowly defeated at the vote count.

Eric Adams and Catherine Garcia had a good time with their opponents, which probably explains this exciting result.  Both know how to win: Adams’ (born September 1, 1960, date not specified) Sun in 9 Virgo is in conjunction with the asteroid Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory, in 6 Virgo, while Garcia’s (born March 3, 1970, date not specified) Sun in 12 Pisces is opposite to his Sun and in trine with the Nike stationary in 14 Cancer.  The previous week, Naik became a direct participant in this degree, and it’s a lasting factor in his psyche.  For both, victory seemed a foregone conclusion, but the transiting Adams/Mayo conjunction in trine with Victoria brought Eric Adams to the finish line first.  Adams is also supported by the asteroid TRIUMF (a phonetic equivalent of the word Triumph), which squares the Sun at 1 Virgo and is exactly in opposition to Adams’ asteroid at 1 Sagittarius (with the asteroid Democritos at 4 Sagittarius reinforcing Adams’ partisanship).

Both also have a strong connection to the community they wanted to lead and to the position offered.  Garcia’s natal asteroid Katherine at 18 Sagittarius is in conjunction with her natal Manhattan at 14 Sagittarius, both square to her Sun (having your own natal APN in aspect with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant is quite common), and Mayo’s natal Capricorn at 27 Capricorn in an exact semisquare.  Adams has in his natal chart Manhattan at 1 Aquarius in a free Yod, or finger of fate, sextile with Mayo’s natal chart at 6 Aries, neither of which are in conjunction with the Sun at the apex, so his tenure as mayor of Gotham seems predestined.  Moreover, the asteroid Adams in 1 Sagittarius is exactly in sextile with Manhattan and in trine with Mayo, and the asteroid Eric in 8 Libra is in opposition with Mayo and in trine with Manhattan.  In typical OTP fashion, Adams is in aspect with the Sun (square), which also has a natal Nemesis/Pluto pair at 5 Virgo, making him a formidable opponent.

Their inevitable conflict is also indicated in their maps.  Eric Adams has the asteroids Catherine in 1 Sagittarius and Garcia in 8 Gemini in T-square with the Sun in 9 Gemini and the Pluto/Nemesis pair, clearly showing the conflict between them (squares) and Adams’ role as Nemesis or enemy (Nemesis) with the top (Pluto).  The asteroid Erik connects exactly with Catherine, indicating an interconnectedness; points occupying the same space are connected, for better or worse, and can act as allies or competitors, but always with a sense of irritation because of their proximity.

This election was New York’s first step toward a multiple-choice election, with a complicated count prevented a final decision for fourteen days; confused Neptune square Mercury retrograde in the primary did not help order.

Catherine Garcia Adams’ natal asteroid at 29 Aries is in conjunction with Mars at 27 Aries and Saturn at 5 Taurus, which marks Eric Adams as a competitor (Mars) or a limiting influence (Saturn), especially in his career (also Saturn).  The exact square of Mars to Mayo at 27 Capricorn shows that City Hall is a battleground where their conflict will erupt.  The asteroid Eric in 8 Capricorn is square Garcia’s natal nemesis in 5 Libra, confirming the feeling that Eric Adams is a personal stumbling block or obstacle to Catherine Garcia’s ambitions.

Let’s look at the timeline of Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa (born March 26, 1954, date not specified).  Like his Democratic opponents, Plum has a strong winning signature and ties to the Big Apple.  The Sun at 5 Aries is in exact conjunction with the asteroid Manhattan, with the asteroid Victoria next to it at 8 Aries, which will earn him the GOP nomination for mayor of New York.  The asteroid Curtis in 29 Pisces is also in the orbit of the Sun, which is the usual disposition of the PNA, while the asteroid Siva, which is closest to Plumas, is in distant opposition in 14 Libra.

The conjunction of the asteroid Nike with Venus in the 17th and 18th signs of Aries forms the basis of the Great Triangle of the Dragon with the opposition to Siva as a chord and the triangles to Pluto in the 22nd house. Sign Leo and Mars in the 22nd house. Sagittarius sign as dragon’s rib.  Venus/Nyke indicates popularity (Venus) as an element of victory (Nike) in a campaign (Mars) that may be accompanied by scandal or dirt (both Pluto) and bodes well for success, except for the fly in the ointment, the PAS asteroid in 23 Sagittarius.  Remarkably, Prune experienced an exact NO-return on Primal Day, when the point defining stalled progress or defeat returned exactly to its natal degree, as if to emphasize that Siva’s electoral victory was only temporary.

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa easily won his campaign for the Republican nomination, with the asteroids Curtis and Manhattan in conjunction with Mars during the primary.

When Adams and Plum meet in 2. In November 2021, the sky will be the limit for a battle royale between them.  Plum has a strong identification with the city and the day: the asteroid Siva is exactly in conjunction with Manhattan at 10 Libra, exactly in semi-sextile with the Sun at 10 Scorpio, and the asteroid Curtis at 10 Virgo is exactly in sextile with the Sun.  But these are relatively unimportant aspects that provide little guidance and serve more to show Plum’s high authority on the day than to influence the outcome.  Siva/Manhattan also forms a square to transit NOT in 7 Capricorn, with Curtis in trine, indicating a failed attempt to become mayor.

On the other hand, Adams’ asteroid at 29 Scorpio remains in conjunction with Mayo at 22 Scorpio and the transiting Nike is now in conjunction with 7 Sagittarius, square its natal Sun and in conjunction with Adams’ natal chart, giving him the seal of victory in the mayor’s race.  Mayo and Adams also square Jupiter in 22 Aquarius, a sign of success and positive results in general.  The TRIUMPH transit at 0 Virgo conjuncts the solar constellation of Pluto/Nemesis, Nickel, Sun and Mercury and makes for a convincing victory.  In addition, Erik’s transit in 27 Capricorn is in conjunction with Pluto in 24 Capricorn, both square with Mercury in 24 Libra, which puts Adams (Erik) in a virtually unassailable position (Pluto) relative to the electorate (Mercury).

As for Catherine Garcia, Eric Adams’ birth chart predicts a rivalry with Curtis Sliva.  Curtis’s asteroid at 5 Capricorn is in a Grand Cross with an opposition to Saturn (career, executive) at 11 Capricorn and a square to Mayo (mayor) at 6 Aries and Eric at 8 Libra, indicating their struggle for the top job in New York.

With the Sun approaching opposition from the grumpy, shock-prone Uranus in 12 Taurus on election day, nothing is a done deal and a landslide victory is not out of the question, but all things considered it looks like Eric Adams will be the next mayor of America’s largest city.

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