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The Oracle of Change by Joanna-Kate Grant and Aia Leu

The Oracle of Change is a classic and revered book by Joanna-Kate Grant and Aia Leu. It has been in print for 13 years, and has only recently been out of print. In the 42 years since the book’s first printing, the Universe has continued to offer new opportunities for growth, and the authors have been able to share their personal journeys with readers around the world.

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When I first saw the Thoth’s Travels tarot, I instantly fell in love. If you like the artistic style of the Mary-El Tarot, Navigators of the Mystic Sea or Mystical Dream Tarot, then you will enjoy Joanna-Kate Grant’s Journey of Thoth Tarot. The artwork is signed Aya Leu. If you like bright colors, surreal dreams, and paganism, you’ll love this card game.

Also, I apologize for inadvertently causing FOMO (fear of missing out), but according to the Seedpress website, there are only 45 copies of this game left, so if you know exactly what you want, buy it early. Order page here.

The book is really the focus here, in my opinion. They read like meditations, poetic and zen. We follow the journey of the character, her. One fact on the map flows into another, like the pages of a diary that tells the story of his life and his world. Reading each chapter was a magical act, after which I always felt uplifted and rejuvenated.

As for the cost of production, you have a vintage style matte gold bezel that looks great. Personally, I removed the inner white cardboard cutout where the cards were supposed to go. Either way, they haven’t really put their cards on the table. And I replaced it with a matching light blue tarot bag I had. Other than that, I like the outside of the box.

I love that this book is at the top of the list. Joanna-Kate Grant, an accomplished astrologer and experienced tarot reader, began writing the sheets for what would become The Journey of Thoth: The Oracle of Change. They were freely written self-exploration meditations that went deep within me, a journey into my personal darkness to discover the creator within me – she and her are mentioned in the text.

Excerpt from Chariot’s book: A thousand Mongolian clan ponies with their hard skins galloped past her as she waded through the dust, passing wave after wave of these hardened creatures inches from her. As for meeting the character on the postcard: The matriarch wears an elaborate headdress, richly decorated with engraved silver and coral beads, while her braided black hair is carefully parted by age and heavy amber plates hang from her ears.

When the text was finished, Grant worked with his longtime friend, the artist Aya Leu, to create illustrations that became a tarot-based oracle deck. I call it a tarot-based oracle deck because that’s what Grant calls it in the instructions. To me, as someone who works with cards and reads this deck, it is very similar to Tarot.

This is one of my favorite games I’ve bought this year. Although totally different from the Mystic Dream Tarot, for example, they share a common essence that I love, which is probably why I’m so fascinated by both decks. Of course, it’s probably a common color theme of bluish tones. But of course, it’s more than that.

If the name of the game is a reference to Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom and the moon, then this game is also inspired by Crowley-Harris’ Thoth in terms of structure and aesthetics. If you’ve always wanted a Tot deck without having to buy a Tot Crowley Harris deck, this deck might be perfect for you.

According to Toth, key 8 is regulation (the equivalent of justice) and key 11 is pleasure (the equivalent of power). Description of the value of the adjustment card: This card comes at a time when your outer world needs to change to reflect the changes that have taken place within. And for map lust: Don’t be afraid of adversity, be proud of who you are and what you stand for, and don’t forget the way of the heart. I love these justice and power card attributions, and they are great posts to add to your tarot journal if you are one who keeps track of card values.

Lately I’ve been in a phase where I’m really interested in how different artists illustrate the devil’s map. Will it be a mythical monster or an animal form? Modern card games often try to portray a temptation or a misstep. And of course, there are games where the devil card washes well.

I was intrigued by the abstract image of the Devil Leu card here. It’s not necessarily abstract, as some of the game’s representative themes are abstract in that you see human figures on all the cards. If you read the manual, you will notice that this card is combined with the 16 key: Card trick. Pay attention to what this says: A grey petrified tower dominates the landscape, like an ancient structure from a fairyland. Here she meets Malachi (note the extra card above, after Key XXI: Universe). To harness the power of the devil, she must confront the cruelty and unacceptable parts of her nature.

The meaning of the Devil’s Map: A vortex of power can pull you in and control you, or make you stronger if you control it. Having both sides of your nature will help you use this earth energy to increase your power and creativity.

Look again at the photo of the tower posted here earlier and note the overall theme of the composition, again expressed in Hierophant. (By the way, I really liked the clouds that formed a bull and an elephant in the sky).

Many of Leu’s compositions presented here express distance through the technique of two- or three-point perspective, and by expressing distance, he conveys the thresholds that are the underlying theme of the journey. The four corners of the physical map itself are like frames around the portal. And when you look into that gate, you see space and another gate in the distance, like in the movie Hierophant. It’s just very well rendered.

There’s an extra Malachi card here, and this is where the premise of the game gets really interesting for me. Early in Grant’s journey of writing these reflections, exploring her inner landscapes, and working with Leu to illustrate those landscapes, she kept encountering a figure who came to her as Malachi.

Only later did she learn that Malachi is a Hebrew name meaning My messenger or My angel, and that he was a prophet. When divination with this deck, you can use the extra Malachi card as a sign, intending it to be your spirit guide or guardian angel to guide you in divination.

Let’s talk about the minor arcana, where the colors are named after the four elements. Instead of rods – fire, instead of cups – water, air – swords, earth – discs.

Astral travel is something I’ve been exploring with much more fervor lately. I was always impressed by people who do this – they are crazy newbies to astral travel (or whatever you want to call it). But it is such an important and undeniable part of Taoist magic, esoteric Buddhism, and historically attested forms of Asian mysticism that I ended up saying: That’s a big part of it: Okay, good. I could see for myself what all the fuss is about.

If you have also been interested lately in personal astral travel through some synchronicity (astral vision travel, creative visualization meditations, etc.), then Journey of Thoth: Oracle of Change is the perfect game for this kind of work. Maybe that’s why I love it so enthusiastically and passionately.

Aya Leu’s art is surreal, speculative and epic. His lines have a clear rhythm, and his use of shapes, contours, and geometry fit perfectly into the system of Thoth. Like the Two of Cups card (Water 2), love expressing divine inspired by sacred geometry.

As with the Crowley-Harris-Toth match, the turbulence here is palpable, and in the best sense of the word. The lines that excite you are a form of physically active meditation. They are like whirlwinds that lift you up and take you to another realm, to a high and ecstatic state of consciousness.

There’s a kind of akashic exploration or akashic recording where the main room or platform that you always start with is the initiation corridor. From the corridor at the beginning, she and her story go through several doors along that corridor, each leading to one of these 78 worlds.

By the way, I want a floor-to-ceiling mural of what you see on Earth-2! This card would be the equivalent of the Two of Pentacles/Discs/Mints, and I can understand why Grant chose to call this deck an Oracle instead of a Tarot.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to present each tarot card in such a way that it matches the default values of the key in question. I don’t need the equivalent of the Two of Pentacles in a tarot deck – two big round gold circles or lemniscats. Here this card speaks of flow and change and the need to respond to that flow and try to restore personal balance.

As Grant writes, Earth-2 teaches us that change is not as easy as we would like, and that while our external world can change dramatically, it takes a long time mentally and emotionally to catch up. It is important to maintain a balance in the process while expecting everything to be in order.

This game is specifically designed to promote transformation and change. This undertaking began as a deeply personal project of self-transformation, an encounter with Malachi and a revelation of the Creator within ourselves. But this venture has brought to light universal themes of travel and change, which we can all now enjoy.

The collaboration between Grant and Leu proved to be a perfect match. The artwork is undoubtedly beautiful and atmospheric. It’s impossible not to feel the excitement when you look at these photos. This guide is a powerful and inspiring read.


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FTC Notes: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 255, Guidelines for the Use of Endorsements and Reviews in Advertising, I have received this deck from the creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here honestly and accurately reflects my opinion of the game.


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