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The Road to Being a Spiritual Tarot Reader

When I decided to start practicing tarot and astrology, I had no idea what I was getting into, no idea how much work it would be, and no idea what I was getting out of it. I wanted nothing more than a fresh new way to look at life, and I wanted to be able to help people. So, I started practicing. I began reading cards as a hobby, and as my ability grew, I began to pay attention to the people in my life who were asking me to read their cards.

Today I am going to discuss how I got started studying Tarot, how I chose the cards I use, and where I am now. I am going to talk about the Spiritual Tarot, how the cards I use came to be, and the path I have taken to the point I am at now. I will mention some of the things that have happened to me along the way.

I enjoyed the process of self discovery and making my own way in life.

The Road to Being a Spiritual Tarot Reader: Alter on my Wall The Road to Being a Spiritual Tarot Reader: Alter on my Wall Dear Sweet Spirit, ​We all contain some sort of alter in our house. A dresser with pictures of those we love. A desk with pictures of those we have lost. Things gather in a particular place and with no reason in our heart, they settle and become permanent. We collect that which looks beautiful to us. We purchase the most expensive statues of Saints and Gods, looking to them for resolution. My alter started simple. I had to hide who I was becoming. Things placed in the open, with crystals scattered in different cupboards, candles set with no intention, I began to build my alter to the Universe. Now I have two alters. One for the living and one for the dead. Pictures of those who have passed, Saint Death, an offering of fresh flowers, crystals, and things remembered. They represent my ancestors. Those who dwelled in the trees and mountains.

Those who whisper to me in the darkest nights of my life. They reveal to me an answer. The alter of life sits in my office. It represents those who are still walking this planet. Who brings joy to my heart even though they may live miles away. Believe me when I say, I miss them every fucking day. It contains pictures of living people, crystals that represent life, my wand, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Feather Fans for smudging. Which do I feel connected to? The alter of death calls to me more than the living, now that I am older. My power has evolved, and most of the time all that is needed is a picture of a person to keep them safe from harm. They will sit on the alter until I feel that they are okay.

Most of the time they sit on the altar of living for a few years because they are always evolving. The altar of the living is there to help those that I love in their spiritual growth. Do we need an alter? Not really, but the spirit will lead us to build something that resembles one. We may find our dresser and shelves filled with crystals that speak to us when they wish to be moved, or pictures of those who have passed on one side of the room, while those who are living are on the other. The Universe has a way of leading us back to the truth. We turn to our ancestors and try to connect through the items that are from the past. We seek an answer to this thing called life. Why should we have an altar? To keep us connected to our soul purpose. To help us understand the truth when we wish to only understand the lie. To open up a line of communication with those who have passed. To keep us humble.

Maybe it is all just in my mind, that the alter has some sort of power, when really the alter is within us. We shape and form it into this reality so that we can feel connected to the things we cannot see. Like the High Priestess card, things unseen are taking place behind the curtains. ​ We leave it up to the spirits to take care of the obstacles in our way when times get tough. The alter is our expression of love towards the Universe, acknowledging that there is something bigger out there and that the vastness of the Universe is also within the vessel we call a body. We will do what we want in the end, but know what we create alters in every place we inhabit. With all my love, At times, we don’t know where we’re going and we don’t know where we have been. And sometimes, we can’t even comprehend where we’re at, because we’re lost in the unknown.

However, the future is a lot clearer than our past, present and past-present state of mind. But the future’s not just about being alive, it’s also about getting to the point where we can apply ourselves to make the future happen..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on my altar?

One of the most common questions I get asked is what the ideal items to have on my altar are, and how to arrange them. My main altar is held up by a wooden crucifix, one of my favourite holy objects. But, I am an Earth-based shaman, and there are many different ways to worship. The best thing to do is find a way to be true to yourself. If you aren’t sure what is best, then just write down what you want and be true to it. I have a window in my bedroom that faces the corner of my house, which is a great place to look at the sky. I like looking at the starry sky and I like looking at the moon. A couple of months ago I decided to make a simple altar to put on my window. Well, this is a great place to start when you begin your tarot journey. Your altar is your sacred space and while it may not have a lot of decorations or items on it, it is the start of a journey filled with mysteries, magic and the unknown.

How do you set up a tarot reading?

Set up a tarot reading, it might help you in your life. A tarot reading is a very deep insight into the person who is reading the cards. There are many ways to read tarot- a reading tarot for example is a reading of one’s own tarot spread. I recommend having a reading tarot done at least once a year. It is a good way to get an overview of your life and your current situation in life. It can be a very emotional experience, and for many people, that is why they don’t do it. A tarot reading is an interactive journey through the lives of the people who have stuck the cards on your tarot deck. Consider it a guided meditation. As with any kind of meditation, the best way to experience the process is to focus on something you know about, and let the cards lay out their messages to you in silence. As a tarot reader, you know many people, or at least you think you do. Since you’re reading for them, you have to be sure that you don’t get stuck on their issues.

Where can I do a tarot reading?

After years of ignoring the world of Astrology, I now feel it is something I need to explore. Since I have no own card reading skills, I thought it would be helpful to find out more about different ways to learn about the stars and planets. In order for a tarot reader to make money, she needs to make a living. There are multiple ways you can make money as a tarot reader, but it starts by getting people to come to you. Tarot readers are in a bit of a vulnerable position, as they are relying on strangers for their livelihood. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to become a tarot reader, and you need to make sure you are not wasting your time and energy. An easy way to do this is with a tarot reading “app”.