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The Second Aquarius Full Moon. Yep. August 22.

The Aquarius Full Moon is a unique event that occurs when the moon is in the constellation of Aquarius.

The april full moon 2020 is the second of two full moons that occur in April. It will be visible on the night of August 22nd.




22nd of August, 2021

5:00 a.m. PDT

Full Moon in Aquarius

36 Aquarius 29 Aquarius

This is the second one this year!

22nd of August, 2021

5:00 a.m. PDT

This is the second full moon in Aquarius. This is a blue moon technically, but not in the traditional sense of two full moons in one month. Because it produces an additional full moon in a season, this moon is referred to as a seasonal blue moon (summer). Two full moons in the same sign indicate we’re doubling downing in the sign, according to astrology. In this instance, we’ll use our Aquarius and (Sun) Leo abilities.

The full moon chart isn’t as rough as the one for the Aquarius full moon on July 23rd, but it certainly strains us. Those who have difficulty stretching may face difficulties. Aquarius is the zodiac’s last air sign, and it is more cerebral than emotional. Some full moons elicit tears, but this one is linked to mental exhaustion. Moon at 29 degrees, the last degree of Aquarius, is the full moon chart. 40 minutes after the Full Moon, the moon departs Aquarius. Only seven hours later, the Sun exits Leo. This Full Moon is urging us to squeeze out Leo and Aquarius one more time, just as we squeezed out the last hours of summer’s closing days.

Aquarius is interested in man-made structures like social circles. Groups of individuals who have a same interest and join together for a common goal. Political organizations, charitable boards, sewing circles, Revolutionary War re-enactors, Rotary clubs, and neighborhood clean-up teams (among others) are all part of Aquarius’ communal domain. People who join together for a concentrated effort on a same goal, even if they don’t have the same socioeconomics, professions, or cultures, speak to Aquarius. This full moon is a great time to go outside of your comfort zone. Take a chance and reach out to people who are doing something similar to you.

On the opposite side of the full moon, Leo encourages us to discover our inner power and genuine voice, as well as our generosity. We put a focus on people who are doing something that we may not be able to accomplish at this moment, but we appreciate those who are and want to celebrate and acknowledge them. If we can’t offer others a victory lap on this full moon, what’s keeping us from doing so? It may be an old problem (resentment, self-esteem injury) that has to be retired. Keep in mind that this is the sign’s ultimate degree. In this three-day cycle, there is a farewell.

Jupiter, who has been in Aquarius since December with a short break in Pisces (May 13 – July 28), adds to the Aquarius vibe. The presence of two full moons in Aquarius indicates that spirit is urging us to “get our Aquarius on.” Spirit is saying, “Oh, yes, I’m giving you some steroids, too,” since one of the two moons is right on Jupiter. During this full moon, something may arise that clarifies our personal needs and what you can offer to the community. This three-day cycle is energized by Jupiter’s conjunction with the Moon. When Jupiter passes close to the moon, we are reminded of the power that comes from pausing to consider how huge our planet is. Is it more limited than it needs to be? Jupiter is itching to go out there and meet new people. It’s curious about what’s going on on the other side of the globe, or maybe the other side of town. It enjoys exploring things that are “foreign.” When Jupiter misbehaves, it becomes obnoxious and demands on knowing everything. This full moon puts know-it-alls on notice. Make sure whatever you say is supported by facts. It’s not the full moon, no matter how tempting, to get lost in exaggeration. You must check your ego at the entrance.

Finally, Aquarius is the sign that governs technology. It’s noteworthy to note that the first millionaires in space were born during Jupiter’s Aquarius transit and between these two Aquarius full moons. Some of us may be able to overcome our own technological problems over this three-day period. “Alexa, remember my passwords for me.”

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