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The Textured Tarot by Lisa McCloughlin

The textured tarot is a deck of cards that features images with depth, shadows, and highlights. These cards are meant to represent the complexity of life, as well as its beauty.

The moonchild tarot is a new deck of cards that has been created by Lisa McCloughlin. The cards are designed to be easy to read and follow, with the intention of helping people understand their own personal journey through life.

Lisa McCloughlin’s Textured Tarot

Fran gave her opinion on it.

I feel compelled to begin with a confession: I purchased this deck on the spur of the moment based on one card. I was browsing the Internet looking at Tarot decks (as you do) when a picture of the Queen of Pentacles grabbed my attention – she looks just like a buddy of mine. When I looked at the deck more carefully, I was intrigued, but not instantly captivated, since it turned out to be a collage deck, and I’m not a big admirer of collage art. But, since the Queen of Pentacles had called out to me so forcefully, I decided to reward myself. And I’m glad I did.

Lisa McCloughlin, a UK-based artist, self-published this deck, which can be purchased via her Etsy store. In terms of card meanings, she follows the RWS method, but she interprets the images in her own way. The cards are typical tarot card dimensions, matte, and thick paper. This gives the deck a solid and high-quality feel, although it makes riffling shuffle a bit difficult. To shuffle the deck, I’ve divided it into thirds to make it more manageable.

The design on the backs of the cards is theoretically different in reverse, but only if you look very closely can you see the change. The deck is housed in a beautiful hard box with a black and white ‘little white book.’ Despite its briefness, the tiny white book contains a number of important phrases and words that serve as excellent jumping-off points for interpretations. If this is a total beginner’s sole source for learning card meanings, I believe the meanings provided are much than enough for a more seasoned reader to gain a feel of the meanings Lisa intended.

Backs of Tarot cards with texture

The artwork has a feminine and light vibe to it, and the pastel palette gives a spring-like feel to it. That isn’t to imply that these cards aren’t rich in content. The layers of images in this deck are one of my favorite aspects about it. Some of the cards may seem simple at first sight, but they require a deeper examination since there are frequently underlying subtleties waiting to be discovered during a reading.

The four suits are assigned colors, however owing to the pastel nature of the deck, the differences in color may not always show out. The majority of the minors are shown, but the suit of wands has a ‘pippish’ vibe to it, with much fewer individuals than the other three.

1621979970_678_The-Textured-Tarot-by-Lisa-McCloughlin-%E2%80%93-TABITarot Pentacles and Wands with Texture

The main arcana follow the RWS tarot’s format, with Strength at number 8 and Justice at number 11. Card 13 – formerly known as Death in the RWS deck – is now nameless and simply numbered in the Textured Tarot, while card 20 – previously known as Judgement – has been renamed as Realization. Even for the cards that are regarded as more difficult, like as Death, The Devil, and The Tower, the imagery in the majors is very benign. This makes the deck suitable for individuals who are turned off by vivid gloomy images in their readings. That isn’t to suggest these cards aren’t powerful; they still communicate the traditional meanings; they’re simply not as gloomy in their imagery and energy.

1621979971_911_The-Textured-Tarot-by-Lisa-McCloughlin-%E2%80%93-TABITarot Majors with Texture

Major League Baseball

Along with its readability, one of the most appealing aspects of this deck to me is its variety. Body kinds, ages, nationalities, gender expression, and handicap are all represented on the cards. This is particularly noticeable in the court cards and major arcana, when certain long-held beliefs are called into question. More diverse tarot decks are appearing on the market today, but I believe this is the first deck I’ve seen that celebrates so many various kinds of diversity.

1621979972_397_The-Textured-Tarot-by-Lisa-McCloughlin-%E2%80%93-TABITarot Courts with Texture

Cards in the Courtroom

In general, this is a deck that has pleasantly pleased me. I like reading the Textured Tarot because the artwork provides obvious interpretations within the RWS tradition while still including nuances that the intuition may pick up and run with.

The deck’s general vibe is upbeat and helpful, and the variety represented within it is extremely welcome.

The Textured Tarot is a wonderful general deck, particularly for people who like its softer tone and delicate images, and it’s also a good choice for contemplative and introspective readings.

As an example:

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The unique tarot decks by Lisa McCloughlin is a unique and original deck. This deck has been created with the intention of being more accessible for beginners and those who are new to the tarot cards.

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