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This Week in Astrology. June 19-26

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury conjoin in your chart this week, which is a hard-bodied good omen. Jupiter is trine all your planets, which means that you will be more lucky than usual. You will have more than your fair share of luck. You should try to use this energy well.

Today is June 19, 2015. The Full Moon is in Libra on June 22. It is at 17° Libra. At the time of this post, it is 5:10AM EDT. The Moon is waning.

We continue with the rising moon. The first quarter of the moon began on June 17 and ends on June 21. How do you turn around if you feel wronged? How do you communicate when you are trying to get information? How do you manage your time when you have a lot of details to take care of? Do you know how to avoid the reception? We have many planetary events: Jupiter retrograde, Mercury direct and Neptune retrograde on the 20th, 22nd and 25th and the Sun will enter Cancer on the 20th. Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces invade our emotions and psyche – our emotions point to things we may not understand, but we still feel something needs our attention. Mercury direct in Gemini brings mental enlightenment. The Sun in Cancer activates our family, our roots and simply the desire for security.  A full moon in Capricorn brings responsibilities.   We like to focus on these tasks because it helps us gain a foothold, even if it means hard work. First quarter Moon 17. June 2021 6:16 Concentrate on : What actions do you do that are super detailed? What actions are you taking that are consistent with the facts? What actions do you take based on accurate information? Special note 6/20 : Jupiter retrograde 2 Pisces 11 at 8:04am PDT (see separate post). 6/20 : The sun enters Cancer   Burning moon 21. June 2021 6:16 a.m. EDT   Focus on: How do you deal with discrimination in the allocation of resources? How do you use resource discrimination? How do you use discrimination against authority? What details do you bring to legal, estate and tax issues? Special attention 6/22 : Mercury direct station 16 Gemini 08 (3:00 pm PDT) (see separate post). 6/23 : Venus in opposition to Pluto. Money. Love. Valuables are put away and the rooms are ready for maintenance.   Full moon phase – 3 Capricorn 48 24. June. 11:39 PDT     Full moon : We make the necessary adjustments to what we plant. Emotions are generally on the rise, and for those who have not enjoyed the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is the time when emotions can take over. There is often a big emotional pause, and for no other reason than to get back on track. A partnership makes it possible to find a balance. Is the moon bright and full, and there is no room for shadow to illuminate you? Full Moon in Capricorn The message will be Special attention 6/25 : Neptune retrograde station (separate station) 6/26 : Venus enters Leo

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