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Time to Blossom: A Tarot Spread for May

Astrology is a very flexible tool when it comes to interpreting the future. No matter what your path, there are always choices to be made, and many of those choices are about how to handle the transition. You can choose to remain on the path you’re on, you can choose to veer off it, or you can choose to adapt along the way. As part of the May 2015 Full Moon, this is called the “time to blossom”, so let’s take a look at this aspect of the month, and how it relates to the Tarot spread we’ll be working with.

The month of May is a time of renewal. The blooming season is finally upon us, and you can marvel at the beauty of the flowers that have popped up. It’s a perfect time for new beginnings, and especially for those seeking new love.

May is a hopeful month, full of new life, green leaves and beautiful flowers that seem to come out of nowhere. At this time of year we feel the promise of life, of growth, of our own ability to reinvent ourselves and focus on new possibilities and desires. This is the perfect time to plant the seeds of our intentions and trust that they will bloom and flourish. In May, we probably dream that spring has really arrived, that life triumphs and that love and beauty reign in all the world. At the beginning of each month I like to do a special tarot reading (here’s my GO-TO reading), but this month I felt inspired to create a reading especially for May and in honor of the month. This year we need hope, beauty, flowers, leaves, life… and we can find that in the cards. Here is the spread, followed by an explanation of the position and a short reading. Time to Blossom: A Tarot Spread for May word-image-18658

Starlight Tarot illustrated by Carol Herzer

  1. Next month’s main topic. This card represents what you would like to see or achieve. It can be a welcome and long-awaited event, or a challenge to prepare for and overcome. Look for useful information in this chart, let it inspire or inform you.
    • My example: the 3 of Cups. Isn’t that like celebrating May Day, Beltane? It’s beautiful! Therefore, in the coming month, there are many opportunities to celebrate and connect with dear friends and loved ones. I also feel that the month of May will evoke deep feelings of love and gratitude for the people I love, the beauty of this land, and the joyful fruits of spring.
  2. What does the future hold for me? This card represents what you want to manifest for yourself. It can be a concrete and pragmatic situation, a project or goal you are working on, or a situation that is more of a state of mind or inner work. Try to find something specific that is meaningful in your life right now. Ask yourself if this card needs your help to fully blossom, or if you can just let it unfold. This position in the rainbow signifies a positive force, a desired fulfillment. So if the card seems negative, try to expand your perspective and ask yourself how it could be good for you.
    • My example: Queen of Cups. I love this queen. He tells me that I will find my rut this month, that my emotions will support me rather than control me, and that my intuition will be fluid. I also see myself in this picture as a visionary, succeeding in her cause and letting the book I am writing flow naturally from my heart. This month, I may be my own emotional water.
  3. What do I need to develop in my life? Again, this can be an external, practical problem (your finances, your relationships, your work) or a more personal problem (your mind, your creativity, your limits, your self-love, your determination to make a decision). See the chart to find out what to treat and how to treat it.
    • My example: The wheel of fortune. It would do me good to be free of the urge to control everything. Maybe a strict program won’t work this month. I must be ready to respond to situations as they arise, be flexible, and trust God’s timing. It’s not always easy for me, so I’m going to be playful and enjoy this space game.
  4. What do I dare to dream about? This card represents your secret hope, something you may not dare to hope for, a wish you keep to yourself. It is time to dare to dream about it and act upon it. This can become a reality for you if you plant seeds this month.
    • My example: Queen of the rooms. Another queen appears. I like symmetry and balance. And the wheel turns between them…. I am the queen of cups, but do I also dream of being the queen of coins? Are you both standing next to me? I keep my dream a secret, but these cards make my heart sing and inspire me for the month ahead.

Try this spread and let me know in the comments how it works for you.

Wishing you a festive month, inspiration, much gratitude and reasons to smile.