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Using Stones And Crystals To Attract Good Luck

There is an old saying: “Beware the man with a new idea” This is both a warning to those who would steal an idea, and a reminder to those who have yet to come up with their own unique concept. I am not one who would steal ideas. I have only one, and it is a good one. I believe that the most important and valuable thing in the universe is your life force. This life force is pure energy, and it runs through everything, without exception. It is the source of all your dreams, desires and actions. It is the cause of all of your successes as well as your failures, and it is the thing that you can control to improve your life.

According to the ancient Mayans, the number nine and the number 13 are considered to be lucky. The number nine is considered to be ‘magic’, because it has the power to bring luck, wealth and prosperity, while the number 13 is considered ‘blessed’ because it is associated with freedom and prosperity.

Stones and crystals are used for a variety of purposes. While they are sometimes considered to be mystical and mysterious, it is important to realize that they are simply natural materials with certain properties that make them useful in our daily lives. While you may not know what a stone or crystal is, you may have seen them used in jewelry, decor, or used in your own home for various purposes. It is important to understand where stones are used, so that you can make an informed purchase. That way, you will know what you are buying and will use it the right way.

Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their lives! Whenever I think of March and St. Patrick’s Day, I think of shamrocks, four-leaf clovers and good luck. There are many ways to attract happiness into our lives, but one of the most effective is the use of stones and crystals.

By meditating with crystals, placing them in your home and workplace, or even just holding them close to your body, you can manifest clearer paths and better destinies. Below are some of the best crystals and stones for attracting happiness, along with information on how they work and what they can do for you.

Tourmaline quartz

Tourmaline quartz is an excellent crystal for happiness in general. It combines the energy of quartz crystal and tourmaline in one powerful stone. Tourmaline quartz is known for its ability to fill all areas of your life with happiness and rid them of negative vibrations.

It also removes energetic blockages in your life, allowing positivity and prosperity to flow freely, and helps you overcome any challenges that come your way.

Tiger eye

Tiger Eye is known as the stone of abundance and opportunity. With its unique patterns and lines, it symbolizes happiness, but also the different ways to find it.

Use this captivating and insightful stone to remind you to keep your eyes open to the opportunities life offers and willingly accept all the positivity and happiness that comes your way.

Smoked quartz

Use Smoky Quartz when you need to release negative energy or emotions from your life and need a boost of positivity. Attract happiness and good vibes with this crystal when your life seems to be in the dark.

Let smoky quartz free you from the baggage and drama of the people or situations around you, allowing you to feel lighter and calmer.

Rose quartz

For happiness in your love life, invest in a good quality rose quartz crystal. This beautiful stone helps to open the heart chakra and attract new love. It can also be used to reinvigorate an ongoing love affair for people whose relationship has weakened.


If you need luck at work, turn to the garnet stone. This amazing red stone inspires you to work harder and excel in your career.

It gives you confidence when you need it most, so take it with you to your next job interview or professional presentation!


In those moments when you are confused about something in your life and don’t know where to turn, take a piece of amethyst and meditate with it or wear it close to your body.

This stone helps to listen well to intuition and attracts happiness when one has to make important decisions, allows to clear the mind and listen to the inner voice, calms the nervous and exuberant spirit. If you listen to your inner voice, you will discover a clearly laid out path that can change your luck for the better if you use it.


Citrine is a stone known to attract happiness in the financial field, it is even called the stone of money. Use citrine if you need to stick to a tight budget for certain things or if you need to stretch your money longer.

Place a citrine stone in a place where you keep extra money, such as a safe or piggy bank, to attract even more luck.


If you need luck in the area of self-confidence, labradorite is your stone. This will help you gain confidence and creativity.

When you are feeling down or insecure, wear this stone to change your attitude and realize how amazing you really are.


The blood stone has long been used by athletes to bring them good luck. Gladiators in ancient Greece carried these stones with them as good luck charms during battles. Use Bloodstone to increase your stamina and willpower when starting a new fitness program or diet, if you have a race or marathon ahead of you.

For extra help in attracting positive energy into your life, consider getting a psychic reading from one of the gifted psychics on my review page. They can tell you more about the healing power of stones and crystals and how you can use them, and give you tips and ideas on how to reshape your life the way you want to.Have you ever wished you had some sort of luck charm that you could wear, so that good luck would just bring you good fortune? Sometimes, it seems we can’t help but need some sort of extra help from our lucky stars, and lucky stones and crystals are a great way to attract good luck and fortune.. Read more about crystals for luck and success and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Stone will bring me luck?

A stone that brings luck is a stone that has been blessed by the gods.

What Crystal attracts positive energy?

Crystal attracts positive energy.

Does gemstones bring luck?

Some people believe that wearing a gemstone will bring good luck.

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