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VENUS & MARS conjunction July 13.

On July 13, 2014 Venus and Mars will be in a near-perfect alignment and this is known as a Venus-Mars conjunction. This is a rare event and not seen very often.  The mean distance between the Earth and Venus is about 75 million miles (120 million km). This means that the Earth is around 150-200 million miles from Venus when the two planets are in conjunction.  The alignment occurs only every 18 months on average.

According to astrologers, the transiting planet Venus and the transiting planet Mars will be in a close alignment on this day—a rare opportunity for increased communication, love, and romance. And while it’s difficult to predict exactly how any of these celestial bodies will impact your romantic life, as a general rule of thumb, it’s often said that the closer Venus and Mars are, the stronger the love connection between them.

Forbes 8. July 2021.

…Venus and Mars in Leo on July 13 a conjunction. The last time these two planets were in conjunction in Leo was in August 2015. In this cycle we can feel the echoes of this summer. This conjunction is part of a series of three, the next two conjunctions of Venus and Mars will take place on February 16 in 17 Capricorn and the last one on February 6. Mars in Aquarius Zero. In basic astrology 101, our two closest planets (to Earth) speak of love, values and receptivity (Venus) and war/action and aggression (Mars). Love and action go hand in hand. In Leo, he talks about what makes our hearts beat. Leo represents our creativity, art, passion, love, drama, play, joy and heart activity. I could play this connection myself and give you a rule that would apply, but I’m going to look at it more because my intuition (Cancer) tells me to. Next month at the Leo new moon I will repeat some of these words, but with Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo and sextile to the Cancer new moon, we need to start tapping into the energy of Leo.

Do you know someone in your life who has an unlimited passion? Does he have the ambition, and whatever happens, does he do it? I have a son who is as passionate about planes as Richard Branson. He constantly goes to the Los Angeles airport to photograph the landing plane and the taking off plane, each time for reasons known only to him and his friends who watch planes. They gather on the hill and talk as passionately as if they were seeing an airplane for the first time, and they are all the same age, by the way. I also have a husband who enjoys running, swimming and cycling. The miles he covers each week in these three sports would make the average person tremble. Of course, I have my hobbies: I write and research not only astrology, but other subjects as well. I can dive just as deep as the other members of our family. I know from personal experience that if you have something and you do it, your heart won’t stop. My friends laughed at me when I got excited about a death certificate while studying genealogy. When we are passionate about something, our life force awakens. Are you interested? Where is your house? Are you running away with it? Has your business gone off the rails? Is it time to look for a new job? Or are you saying your profession is stupid? A waste of time? Or that you are not good enough/knowledgeable enough to pursue this matter? Did you know that the word amateur comes from the word amore? It means doing something out of love.

It’s time to find and rekindle your passion. The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Leo could be more important to all of us after a busy year than the 2015 conjunction, and it could be important as we move on to the other two conjunctions. The fire activated in our belly now can find a practical application (maybe even make money) in the February conjunction in Capricorn and in March in Aquarius zero be welcomed by our circles and society. Take time for Venus and Mars to speak to you during this cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is Venus?

Venus is the second planet from the sun and is often referred to as Earth’s sister planet. It has a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid clouds, and a surface temperature of 860 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the color of Venus?

The color of Venus is a light yellow.

Is there water on Venus?

There is no water on Venus.

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