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Weekly Astrology February 1st for All Signs 2021

It’s February 1st, and that means it’s a great time to start thinking about starting your new year off on the right foot. This year, you’re born under the sign of Aquarius, which means that you’re a strong personality who values love, friendship, and compassion. At the same time, you’re also a free-thinker who is willing to challenge traditional concepts and ideas.

This week, the stars revolve around your mid-twenties. If you are a Scorpio, you may have sought some guidance from the stars in the past, or at least considered it. This week, keep searching for insight into the future.

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Weekly Astrology For All Signs On February 1st, 2021

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What kind of cheerleaders do you have on your team?

Your future is fueled by those who resonate with you.

In the Now Age, age is irrelevant.

For you, love in the modern day is all about sharing love. Venus in your 11th house from the 1st informs you that it’s not all about one-on-one romance. But the love you share with others for a cause, organization, collective vision, or a better future, whether it’s your cheer squad, support group, pals, or the love you share with others for a cause, organization, collective vision, or a better future. Clubs, clubs, Meetups, organizations, musicians, and parties may all appear today, even from afar and electronically. Join in, get involved, and reach out in any way you can.

Friendship has many advantages.

Ruler Mars is sunstruck on the 1st due to a savage angle between it in the 2nd and the Sun, which is likewise in the 11th. Mars is not only sitting in your home of money, but also in your house of self-esteem. So it’s not only about what you’ll need for your future, but also about how you’ll be treated by others. And who you can trust outside of your group — and who you can’t. Take notice of one link in particular, since this should be apparent.

On the 6th, Venus will collide with Saturn in your 11th house, putting you in a persuading mood. What are the questions you need to ask your contacts? Especially those who may be able to provide you with knowledge, expertise, or be in a position to assist you? This encounter is all about time when it comes to Now Age love. It’s time to take things seriously. It’s time to call it a day. Or pals with a significant age difference. This week, be open to intergenerational friendships. It’s not about your age that matters; it’s about what you share on a spiritual level.

In a word, love in the 21st century isn’t simply romantic. Friends and your larger social network have a role in your romantic future. This week, don’t allow age disparities keep you apart. It’s all about what you’re willing to contribute.



It’s best to put your best foot forward.

Instill confidence in your audience.

Look up to your rightful place!

Now is the time to put your best professional foot forward. This week, Taurus’ ruler Venus will arrive in your tenth house, while Mars will be in your first, igniting your aspirations to achieve, be recognized, and, above all, impress. So make sure you’re not just suited for it, but that everything about you this week conveys the message that you’re a strong force to be reckoned with.

Even if you don’t feel confident at the start of the week, fake it until you feel it because, trust me, no one will ever know you’re trembling in your Jimmy Choos if you project confidence! As the Sun in your tenth house conjuncts Mars on January 1st, it’s all about how serious you are about achieving what you desire. The rewards go to the courageous. Or even that promotion, job offer, or heart!

Make an indelible impression.

On the 6th, when Venus conjuncts Saturn in this sign, impressing someone in a position of influence, authority, or power may come naturally to you. Of course, this is Saturn’s governing house. Impressing someone may even extend to a potential partner who is a definite ‘catch.’ If you want to advance professionally, your image will be just as essential as your expertise. Taurus, make that lovely move.

In a nutshell, this is how it goes: This week, Taurus, write a new chapter in your own success narrative. It’s all about having faith in yourself. You are aware of all you have to give. By presenting an image that says, “You’re the genuine thing,” people will believe you.



Gemini, are you the next big thing?

Pursue what you really want.

Make a commitment to the dream

Big concepts and huge leaps. This is what the Now Age is all about for you. You should be embarking on a voyage of discovery and learning right now. Even if it’s only a metaphor for you going to the airport! On the 1st, Venus sashays into your 9th house celebration, connecting you to those great loves. This may include activities you like doing as well as a passion for a topic, belief system, or location.

It most likely pulls at your heartstrings and exerts an irresistible and magnetic draw on you. Even if you can’t have it right now, you can still experience it or travel to it. You’ll realize how important it is to you when the Sun in your 9th squares Mars in your home of spiritual journey and hidden truths. And how not pursuing it, at the very least, is a non-negotiable. One approach to respond to this appeal is to get behind your ideas.

You Are a Part of Yourself

You may also realize that you’ve been settling for less than you deserve. And how, no matter how hard you try, something is still lacking. Maybe you convinced yourself that what you really desired wasn’t feasible. So you went with the next best option. However, if this is the true, the Sun/Mars angle may cause dissatisfaction. On the 6th, Venus will collide with Saturn. Saturn is the planet that governs obligations. Do you need to make a fresh decision based on who you are and what matters most to you, mind, body, and soul? This may be the beginning of your path toward making your goal or passion a reality, Gemini.

In a nutshell, the door to a new level of experience is wide open. This may be an idea, a solution, or a goal that reflects a part of your personality. Gemini, go where your heart leads you.



What you share, or what is shared with you, has an impact on you.

It’s possible that someone you know has access to what you need.

It’s a two-way street in the future.

Changes in resonance will be prominent this week, as will your money, as Venus enters your 8th house. Both your love life and your financial account are ruled by Venus. Your eighth house is, of course, your ‘other’ money home as well as your sex house. This is your home of sharing, and all that is shared with you is shared with you. On a fundamental level, it’s about an energy exchange. For example, in return for your pay, you offer your employer your time. Your bank provides you with a loan in return for you signing a contract and paying interest on it. You either live together or obtain a mortgage. This is an excellent example of sharing.

Share, share, share.

If you need additional resources this week, regardless of what they are — money, employment, friends, entrée, or a potential spouse – your larger network is the greatest place to start. However, if you and someone have had a one-sided trade – for example, you are always there to support a buddy but this is a one-way agreement – the Sun’s aspect to Mars in your 11th house on the 1st may bring matters to a climax.

When we share something with others, both we and they are changed. This covers sex and everything else associated with the 8th house. As Venus squares Saturn on the 6th, a long-term commitment may emerge that is transformational for all sides. Whether it’s about love or money, it has a profound effect on both of you. Perhaps not only you, but also your children and grandchildren.

In a nutshell, sharing is alchemy and transformation! What you share with someone, or what is shared with you, may appear in your future and have a significant impact. Set something significant in action right now.



Bring back that duo act.

Love becomes enslaved.

Prepare for a heart-stopper!

Partnerships, double acts, dynamic duos, your spouse, live-in or long-term lover, best friend, business partner, long-term work relationship, collaborator or activity partner, or even that rival or opponent – your ex, for example, that business competitor or frenemy – all fall under the rule of your Now Age 7th.

Your 7th house governs more than simply love. It also governs the polar opposite. In other words, the person we love to despise. Just ask any couple that is going through a difficult breakup. It was once all about hearts and flowers. This house is ruled by Venus, who arrives on January 1st. This month is likely to be dominated by one person or a relationship problem in particular.

Love doesn’t have anything to prove.

Yes, for some Leos, love will be abundant. On the 6th, Venus will collide with Saturn, allowing many of you to take the next major step in your relationship. Getting engaged, moving in together, or reaffirming your love are all possibilities. Others may start a new job connection. Any possible collaboration opportunity that presents itself today has the potential to be fruitful in the long run.

On the 1st, the Sun forms an angle with Mars in your 10th house. If the ‘opposite’ number represents a business competitor, this may provide you a competitive advantage. You’re pumped up to win and prove that you’re the greatest show on the planet. But, Leo, you don’t have to compete when it comes to love. If someone is making you feel like you don’t measure up, you need to think about it right now. Anyone looking for the genuine deal in a relationship – or a friend – has nothing to prove to you.

In a word, when Venus enters your Now Age 7th of long-term love and double actions, it’s all about you and another. Just keep in mind, Leo, that it’s also about the way you are. You don’t have to put out any more effort than that.



Make time to do the things you want to do.

Your day’s structure is what keeps it going.

Make the Now Era work for you.

Given the present condition of the world, living big every day, as the Now Age promises, may seem to be a difficult job. Which is why, Virgo, the little things have never been more important. Alternatively, the intricacies that make up the full-time job of life.

This week, Venus enters your 6th house, giving you the opportunity to make innovative and mind-body-spirit-enhancing adjustments to your job (paid or unpaid), routine, and overall well-being. If you’re looking to make changes, it’s likely that you’re motivated by a desire to achieve a better work/life balance. Concentrate on finding methods to give yourself more time and energy to accomplish the things you like rather than the ones you have to do. The angle between the Sun in your 6th house and Mars in your 9th house asks you whether you are running on empty, or if you have nothing left for yourself in terms of time or other resources by the time you have finished what has to be done.

Prepare for a New Day

If you arrive to this decision this week, you’ll make long-term adjustments to fix it. Concentrate on what’s important to you while also recharging your batteries. Saturn is the planet of structure, order, hard labor, and commitment. Working may just include devising a better method to organize your day so that you have time for yourself. Your best allies are discipline and time management. For the Now Age, Cancer, the Venus/Saturn conjunct on the 6th may bring employment opportunities, a promotion, or a better future in terms of how you work, where you work, and for how long.

In a nutshell, Virgo, the Now Age necessitates a new style of functioning. One that is beneficial to your health. And it doesn’t leave you short on time for the things you like. This week, start by making a fresh new schedule of priorities.



Pleasure to see you again.

Recognize where the line should be drawn.

For the Now Age, live love big.

Passions, partners with children or parenting potential, your own children if you have them, creativity, romance, a dash of indulgence, and a chance to pamper yourself are all things to consider. What do you get if you give yourself a pat on the back for sticking it out for the last 2.5 years or so? Libra, a respite from the rain and an opportunity to reconnect with pleasure and delight.

This week, Venus enters your 5th house, giving you the opportunity to glamourize yourself, welcome in a new relationship, reunite with an old one, or return to what brings you the greatest pleasure. No, the wonderful things in life haven’t gone anywhere. Something you’ve been waiting for may just happen this week. However, you may need to express your conditions or just hold strong in order for it to happen.

Passion equals self-assurance!

On the 1st, the Sun in your 5th house forms a searing angle to Mars in its governing 8th house. This may be the day you have to stick by whatever you say or demonstrate to someone that you are not a pushover in the kindest manner possible. By the 6th, when Venus and Saturn meet in this sign, it should be paying off for you. By demonstrating your confidence in your position, you may be able to strike an arrangement that gives you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

It’s possible that one’s desires will be fulfilled. Or, Libra, you welcome in a long-term love on a personal level or via appreciation for what you like doing. For the Now Age, embrace the joy principle.

In a word, this week, Libra, Ruler Venus in your Now Age 5th brings in a fresh cycle of romance, pleasure, and pure indulgence. You’re in the mood to give and receive affection. That doesn’t imply you’re a softie, however.



Create a way of life that is relevant in today’s world.

It’s time to progress.

A new cycle offers new possibilities.

Living in the Now Age requires a clear understanding of what that entails for you, Scorpio. This week, Venus enters your 4th house, boosting real estate, property issues, renovations, remodeling, and relocating. Normally, with Mercury retrograde in effect, we would advise against purchasing, selling, renting, or leasing at this time. However, if you’ve read your February monthly prediction, you’ll know that this is one vintage that doesn’t rule them out.

Now is the time to live for the future.

Mars in your 7th house isn’t ideal for your old ruler. Mars energy does not sit well in this related sign and house. Mars and the Sun in your 4th house aren’t quite on the same page on the 1st. This may lead to a power struggle between you and your partner or someone you live with. It may be about nothing, but it has the potential to be blown out of proportion. If tensions increase or your loved one’s behaviors irritate you more than normal, do something useful around the house or exercise to let off steam.

That being said, big decisions around how you are going to be living for the future and where can be made as Venus and Saturn meet in your 4th on the 6th. Again, this is tied to you knowing exactly what that is for you. Putting down roots even in a new area is possible now. Saturn is still at an early degree of this house and you need to think of this as one door closing and another one opening. Venus adds to the feeling of permanency and a move for the better. The choices that you make now for your lifestyle should enhance it. For your future, Scorpio.

In a word, the planets of the Now Age in your fourth house are all about revealing a new future for you. Especially in terms of lifestyle, house, and establishing roots. This week, Scorpio, make some long-term decisions.



What are the opinions of others?

Make a new future for yourself.

Say it with affection and sincerity.

In your third house, Venus meets the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and ruler Jupiter this week. Adding a dash of appeal and originality to anything you say, email, or convey. This week, if you say it as you mean it and with love, you may produce a beautiful and powerful message.

When it comes to what others are saying to you, though, your radar will be on high alert. To put it another way, you will not tolerate any nonsense or, worse, false promises or flattery. You’ll be able to tell if what someone says is real or not. This is true whether they say it to your face or on the internet. What about that fake dating profile? It now stands out like a red flag to you. When the Sun in your third house squares Mars in your sixth, you’ll notice nuances like subtext and body language. You’ll notice the indications that reveal what someone is actually saying if they say one thing. And then act on it.

Act on Your Thoughts

This is, however, the moment for you to come up with new ideas and put them into action. If you’re considering of starting a company, creating a website, or submitting an application, the fact that Mercury is retrograde in this sign usually means you should wait and revise. Yes, if you believe it is essential, you may and should do so. You may, however, break the rules during Mercury’s retrograde. The 6th encounter of Venus and Saturn is all about setting the groundwork for a great idea. Alternatively, just deciding to pursue it further. It is not an option to talk about what you will do. The future requires immediate action. So, put your weight behind those statements. You’re working on a major project.

In a word, Sag, the Now Age is all about ideas. Also, be genuine in what you say. You’ll also be able to tell whether others are telling the truth. If this isn’t the case, take action. This week, you’re creating a new destiny.



Long-term efforts are rewarded.

Is it true that others share your values?

Now is the time to put your money on your own success story.

Your money house is ruled by Venus, who enters it on January 1st. I’m here with the rest of the Now Age worlds. The ruler Saturn, the Sun, retro Mercury, and Jupiter are among them. Examining your financial situation, as well as your possessions and, most significantly, your self-worth.

Saturn, as you may know, is all about being accountable and keeping the books in order. This week is about what you believe you deserve, how others treat you, and how the world treats you in general. Saturn excels at rewarding long-term achievements, as well as ensuring that karmic checks and balances are in place.

Invest in the Future

The Sun in your second wants to know whether you mean it or if you’re responsible on the first. It immediately places Mars in your fifth house. Have they made promises that they haven’t kept? This is the day you’ll find out whether they’re all talk and no action. Don’t be scared to ask questions to figure out where you stand.

The Venus/Saturn conjunction on the 6th, on the other hand, may bring you long-awaited financial benefits, the capacity to plan for the future with your money, or a new source of income. This isn’t about lotto winnings or windfalls (sorry!). But knowing you were the one who accomplished it boosts your self-esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Priceless.

In a word, Capricorn, something may happen to enhance your self-esteem and real value. The knowledge that you accomplished it all by yourself is your takeaway from this. Staying the course proves to be very rewarding.



To attract it, feel it.

Improve your surroundings both indoors and out!

Allow for the Now Age.

Aquarius, are you ready for the Future You? Or, to put it another way, the world is waiting for your big moment. Venus in your 1st from the 1st gives you a new you for the Now Age. Its presence here signals the beginning of a fresh cycle of arousal. To have it right now, look at it and experience it.

Spending time on your image, appearance, style, seem, or profile will pay off in the long run. It not only makes you feel wonderful – which is crucial if the lockdown blues are interrupting your birthday cycle – but it also increases your vibe. As a result, you attract fresh, different individuals and chances that mirror your new fabulousness!

Get creative with this procedure, and don’t forget to include your house in the mix. Especially if you’re currently feeling cooped up owing to job or homeschooling. Mars in your fourth house may become irritated since all of this domesticity isn’t Mars’ cup of tea. On the 1st, when the Sun in your sign flares up any irritations, you may feel particularly constrained with the Monday blues. However, this should not be seen as a negative. But as a wake-up call to utilize that creative energy to freshen up your surroundings. Get rid of the clutter, and if you have family members at home, get them involved. You’ll be surprised how much better everyone feels afterward.

Make room for your future.

The 6th of the week, when Venus and Saturn collide, has to be your lucky day. Consider it as though a door has been flung open to a previously unknown area of your house. There’s a sense of excitement about what you’ll be able to accomplish with all this additional room. This conjunction of Venus and Saturn, on the other hand, indicates that a place or position in your life is opening up. Whatever you want for the future to bring you. It’s entirely up to you how you decorate it and who you allow in.

In a nutshell, Aquarius, everything you want to attract for your new cycle requires a place to call home. This week is a great opportunity to create space for your long-term goals. And to be in a position to attract it.



Forget about the 12th house norms and embrace the Now Age.

Get to the bottom of it

What you can accomplish is only limited by your imagination.

If you’ve read your February monthly prediction, you’ll know it’s time to experiment with a new kind of 12th house energy. Not the gloomy, what lies underneath with pull you under type, which is so twentieth-century. But the type that wants to push you higher in the modern day. Higher love, intuition, soul directives, and creative and psychic skills are all examples of higher love.

From the 1st, Venus joins the rest of the Now Age planets in this area. In your information sector, the Sun makes an exposure to Mars on the same day. This is the day to receive answers if you’ve been wanting to learn more about something. And you won’t be dismissed with reasons that don’t make sense to you.

Combine your visions with actionable actions.

A strategy or goal is really underpinning that increased creativity and psychological senses. This New Age 12th house feeling indicates you’re clearly recognizing where you’ve come from. As well as the actions you’ll need to take to get there. Alternatively, instead of repeating the past, utilize it to create something better.

Your 12th governs what others may consider impossible. However, Saturn’s presence in this room suggests that this may not be the case. While Venus’s conjunction with Saturn on the 6th indicates that while others may perceive limitations, you see possibilities to start something new. Now is the time to put your love or your goals into action. When it comes to pursuing your goals, you may strike a balance between creativity and pragmatism.

In a word, Pisces, it’s time to reimagine your 12th house for the Now Age. They may label you as a dreamer. However, you now have the means to make them all too real.



“It is a strange thing to have done, but the stars have decreed that I must write this story. The stars tell me that they are big, and that we all have a place in them. But I am a little girl and I am not big. The stars tell me that I must write this story so that we all may know that we are important. The stars tell me that we are all part of one another. And that we are all very, very important.”. Read more about february 1 zodiac sign compatibility and let us know what you think.

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Is 2021 a good year for Aquarius?

2021 is a good year for Aquarius.

What star sign is 1 February?

The answer to this question is unknown.

What are the two zodiac signs for February?

Aries and Pisces.

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