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Weekly Astrology February 8th Forecast for All Signs 2021

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The stars are aligned for you this week! The stars are also aligned for all the other signs in the Zodiac. Your choice of career or your love life is going to be affected by the stars this week. Try to make some wise decisions.

If you want to be a successful astrologer, you need a strong foundation in astrology. The real key to your success is to know how people’s signs will play out in the future. Without a good foundation, you’ll be a lot more likely to make mistakes and head down a potentially very dangerous path.

All Signs Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 8th, 2021

Elena, our astrologer


Second opportunities help you achieve your objectives.

Start a new project.

For the Now Age, it’s all about love!

Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Palentine’s Day are all names for the same holiday. This week is full with love and other possibilities. Aries, be receptive to whatever shape they may take.

The key to make the most of the peak of the Now Age weather that is occurring in your 11th is to open your heart. Second chances are now available in all sectors. As well as fresh starts. The Now Age weather is at its height this week, with six planets in this sign around the time of the New Moon on the 11th. The same day when Venus and Jupiter collide in this location. This, along with the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury on the 8th and Mercury’s conjunction with Venus on the 13th, all hint to exciting new cycles and fresh beginnings. Particularly in terms of relationships, writing, ideas, and the internet. Wishes and dreams are the focus of your eleventh. Create one, and it may just come true right now.

Together, we will go into the future.

Valentine’s Day brings the second of three Mercury/Jupiter encounters, as well as a powerful Cupido/Ceres/Moon conjunction in your 12th squaring the Galactic Center in your 9th. A line up like this isn’t seen very frequently by astrologers. And we’d argue that everything that happens this week paves the road for your long-term objectives. They may be in love, business, travel (at some point!) or education. It’s also a moment when opportunities emerge like never before. That includes that long-forgotten love.

This week, use this enthusiasm to begin your trip. Whether this is a literal or symbolic situation. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing since this week, more than any other this year, sets the path for your future for the next 12 months. And you are free to spread the love to whoever you choose. What matters most is who you bring along for the ride. Aries, you don’t have to do it alone.

In a nutshell, Aries, how does love appear this week? Even if you don’t have someone special in your life, love is still in the air. Open your heart to all of your relationships and let them know how much they mean to you. This Valentine’s Week, invite your friends to accompany you on a trip.



Increase the intensity of your love!

You’re surrounded by big opportunities.

Your future is fueled by your friends, connections, and networks.

We’re familiar with your ruler. All nice things are connected with Venus. Jupiter just denotes a bigger experience or portion of them! Consider what a Venus/Jupiter conjunction might mean for you. All astrologers believe that this conjunction will offer enormous breakthroughs, answers, and possibilities. It happens to you in the areas of your job, public image, and social standing. Taurus, this means that you will be rewarded and recognized in the near future.

This week, the number of Now Age planets in this home reaches its pinnacle. On the 11th, the new Moon occurs on the same day as the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. This increases the total number of planets in this system to six. Not only that, but on the 8th, the Sun will conjunct retro Mercury, Mercury and Venus will conjunct on the 13th, and Mercury and Jupiter will meet for the second of three times on the 14th.

Recognize the Value of Love

Love or your relationship has an effect on your social standing or public image. Long-term efforts are rewarded with rewards and recognition. You may have a major announcement to make that causes everyone to sit up and pay attention. Or you’ve received a major piece of breaking news. The new Moon ushers in a new beginning that may see you take the next major step in your career, solidify a relationship, or perhaps relocate.

Valentine’s Day also connects you to your pals and wider network of resources. As Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon create a superconjunction in your 11th, triggering the Galactic Centre in your ‘other’ money house, what you do may make them sit up and pay attention. This week, embrace everything from power movements to the power of love.

In a nutshell, Taurus, news or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for has caused people to view you in a different way. As ruler Venus joins Jupiter in your rewards and recognition area, love elevates your prestige.



Pursue your desires.

Develop a stronger desire.

It pays to take a risk on love.

This week, Gemini, be brave in your pursuit of your passions. You’re a passionate fighter with a lot of guts. Also, don’t settle with mediocrity. You’re on your way to something far greater.

You will no longer have the option of settling. In your ninth house, ruler Mercury is undergoing a unique retrograde. Meeting the Sun on the 8th, Venus on the 13th, and Jupiter on the 16th (14th). On the 11th, there will be a new Moon in this sign, as well as a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the same day. Jupiter’s governing house is, of course, this. As a result, envision huge, bold new beginnings. And all-pervasive loves. You either completely experience the passion – or you realize you need to go out and find it.

It’s also possible to reclaim it. Yes, this is the Mercury retrograde that allows for fresh starts and launches. But also for the return of long-lost lovers, huge ambitions, and large answers to whatever has held you trapped for far too long. You’re about to be launched into something new and greater. Aim higher in both your love life and your job.

If you don’t go big, you may as well forget about it.

Above all, now is the time to take a risk. With that Mercury/Jupiter encounter, V-Day doesn’t only offer the possibility of huge news. Big advances, however, may be made if you apply that tenacity to your job or pursuing your goals in any area. In your tenth house, Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon form a superconjunction. In your partnership and long-term love/relationships area, the Galactic Centre is squared. When it comes to anything that makes your heart race this week, Gemini, your mantra is simple: “Go big or go home.”

In a nutshell, Gemini, if something doesn’t ignite your soul, it’s possible you need to replace it with something that does. It’s not good enough to settle for less. Only the greatest love meets the bill this week, says the week.



Embrace self-determination.

Changes are related to spiritual liberation.

Work on your sexiness!

Cancer will exert a strong force for evolutionary change during the following several weeks. But it all starts this week with a challenge to change one aspect of your life. This may include your salary, benefits, or maintenance payments, your mortgage, shared assets and finances, and anything else you have in common with someone else. From that bed to who does what around the house, there’s a lot to take in.

For you, it’s all about getting a bigger piece of the pie or having more resources at your disposal. The Now Age weather flowing in your power-house 8th has reached its height this week. And it’ll keep on for the next month or so. There are a total of six planets in this area at the time of the new Moon on the 11th. The Sun, Moon, Mercury in retrograde, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are all signs of the zodiac.

You are being given the tools you need to make long-term, good changes right now. Getting a positive response to anything may be a component of it. There are gleaming five-star conjunctions all around this home, and huge alignments are taking place. It’s all for your advantage. It’s all about second chances, revisits, returns, and rebirths. Watch for the Sun/Mercury conjunct (8th), Mercury/Venus conjunct (13th), and Mercury/Jupiter for the second time on the 14th, as well as the day of the new Moon, when Venus and Jupiter create a desire-manifesting conjunction.

You’re resurrecting sexiness!

As your 8th house governs passion, desire, and yes, sex, this Valentine’s week might see a lot of hot love. Flirtations may rapidly escalate into chain reactions that result in nuclear catastrophe. Settleds may be in for a fiery love affair with molten desire for the stay-at-home floor. If this is the case, the super-conjunction in your 9th house between Cupido, Ceres, and your ruler, the Moon, is to blame. On the 14th, everything hits the Galactic Center in your 6th. Yes, Cancer, you can find passion exactly where you are. You should adore the person you’re with – or linked to. And don’t forget that right now, love is the most powerful force for change.

In a word, this week’s new Moon heralds the start of Cancer’s strong evolutionary cycle. Your power to shape your destiny in the way you want is enhanced. Your sex appeal is also strong!



Take action with your heart in mind!

The week’s trend is duets and double acts.

Love gives people a second opportunity.

Make a wish this week, Leo, about love, what you love to do, or what you’d want to have or experience. For the Now Age, it’s all about heart-centered action. At the time of the new Moon on the 11th, we have peak planetary activity in your 7th. There are a total of six planets in here today. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus (which governs this house), Jupiter, and Saturn are your rulers.

Begin with the word “love”!

This week has never been a better time to act in the cause of love – or what you love. For you, Leo, it’s a season for new beginnings, fresh starts, second chances, and the reappearance of missed possibilities.

You don’t have to wait till the new Moon to experience this. Here on the 8th, the Sun will collide with retroactive Mercury. This may indicate old news or the return of someone or something. This Mercury retro is unlike any other. Yes, the old regulations still apply. However, you may start again or afresh beneath this one in a manner that is normally forbidden. Nothing is now when it comes to any sort of collaboration or double-act. The day of the new Moon, Venus and Jupiter collide, amplifying the love element for you. On the 13th, Mercury and Venus will collide.

Remember that Venus governs both your finances and your romantic life. Mercury is in charge of trade and communication. Jupiter provides answers, possibilities, and magnifies the potential of everything that is ruled by the house it is in. So, on Valentine’s Day, when Mercury and Jupiter meet for the second time, you’ll be surrounded by enormous loves, fortunate breaks, and great chances that will include you and at least one other person. As a result, there is a strong focus on second chances.

This day also features a great conjunction in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th – as well as a super conjunction in your home of sizzling desire. In your fifth house, Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon all conjoin and line closely with the Galactic Center. All things romantic and leonine, including children, infants, young people, the young at heart, and all things romantic and leonine, may have a fated feel. What manifests may have an impact on both your career position and the individual who makes your heart race. Someone may be able to show you how much you matter to them. To go for it now, you have to feel it. This week, Leo, walk to the rhythm of your heart.



In the sake of love, take a risk.

Take a closer look

Make a fresh start in life.

Mercury, the ruler of the 6th house, is still retrograde. But, as you probably already know (or should know), we’re dealing with a retrograde unlike any other. There are both old and new regulations in effect. Adaptability and open-mindedness are important, as is taking a risk.

The planetary activity in your Now Age 6th reaches a climax this week. We’ll witness a line up of six planets in here on the day of the new Moon (the 11th). The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are the planets that make up the solar system. So, it’s back to building your greatest life, which you’ll live every day. And I’m really pleased with the outcomes. Work, studies, habits, nutrition, exercise, chores, routine, and, yes, pets if you have them, should all be considered.

When the Sun and Mercury collide on the 8th, new employment possibilities may arise or old ones may reap reappearance. On the 11th, the new Moon coincides on the same day as Venus and Jupiter collide. On the 13th, Venus will collide with your ruler. Refocus on your ideas, assess your self-care, and, if required, relaunch something.

It’s possible that love is closer than you believe.

Yes, but where does it leave the love? After all, it is Valentine’s Week! If you’re looking for love this week, you may find it closer than you think. Even if it’s related to your field or line of business. It has your name all on it if someone or anything returns now.

Settleds may develop a fresh respect for their spouse based on what they do for them on a daily basis rather than just one. Mercury meets Jupiter for the second time on Valentine’s Day. Positive work developments may be included in Valentine’s Day greetings. Or, as in a gadget to love, new methods to express “I love you.”

Thanks to Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon, a super conjunction in your 7th brings you three times the love. All of these things will activate the Galactic Center in your 4th. Love encompasses your origins, your home, your family, and not being afraid to celebrate love at home. Taking you back to the simple joys of daily love. It’s not far from home.

In a nutshell, Virgo, that Grand Design for Living now includes one for loving. It’s another ‘Embrace All Areas’ approach. It all adds up to more reasons to love – and it’s all around you right now!



Beyond Fabulous Love

Rekindle your love life

Work it as if you’re a Diva!

Libra, you’re dishing up some fabulousness this Valentine’s Week. Venus, the ruling planet, is in your 5th house. Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, in addition to the Sun, govern this house. This energy peaks on the day of the new Moon (the 11th), with a total of six planets present.

It’s time for fresh starts in love, creativity, parenting, and good times. Yes, it’s possible that the latter has been missing lately. However, this week may be a watershed moment for you. This week, you’re the monarch, and you’re making royal progress toward a goal near and dear to your heart. This is one of your attractive homes. Look to the future, particularly around the period of the new Moon, when Venus and Jupiter will be converging in this area. What do you want to gain from love in the future? This includes the activities you like.

It’s Time to Work Like a Diva!

Even if you’re on lockdown, don’t hide this week. You need to channel this energy like a diva, not like a boss! Put yourself, your passions, and your talents on display in every manner possible. This is the phase of the attraction process when you ‘radiate.’ Even if you’re at home alone and going for your sweatpants, a spray of perfume may add a nice touch. But why not dress up like you’re going to a premiere, even if it’s in your living room? It’s all about what you put out there, once again.

This week, many of you may see opportunities or loves return. The Mercury retrofactor is to blame for all of this. It’s a week to create a wish and then set out on a path to make it come true. You already know this is a one-of-a-kind throwback. The Sun and Mercury will conjunct on the 8th, Venus and Mercury will conjunct on the 13th, and Mercury and Jupiter will meet for the second time on the 14th. Everything is connected to cosmic order and desire.

On the 14th, Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon form a super-conjunction in your home of daily wellness and work. In your third house of news, business, and communication, they square the Galactic Center. So consider not just great affections, but also little ones. Changes in your routine, such as your day job or education, or even your habits, may help you get more of what you truly desire. Libra, that’s the royal progress for this Valentine’s week.

In a nutshell, Libra, own your fabulousness. And don’t pursue something that you don’t want with all of your heart, body, and soul. This week, you may pull anything to you, from the tiniest need to the greatest affection.



Embrace love on a grander scale.

From the past, new paths arise.

Play by your own set of rules!

This week, the new Moon is in its governing 4th house. It’s all about your house, your lifestyle, your living arrangements, and taking control of your future. The Grand Design you’re putting in action right now has the power to change your lifestyle, your living space, and even your job. Scorpio, it’s time to enjoy life to the fullest.

We’re experiencing retroactive weather like you’ve never seen before. This week, the universe may be sending you Valentine’s cards in the form of returns, second chances, and reimagined lost opportunities. Those retro-Mercury transits may be able to grant desires from the past. Alternatively, deliver news that you have given up on.

Extend your Love Circle

It’s also time to network, express yourself, and maybe even break a few rules – or make your own. The 8th – Sun/Mercury conjunction; 11th – new Moon + Venus/Jupiter conjunction; 13th – Mercury/Venus meet-cute; and 14th – Mercury meets Jupiter for the second time are all dates to observe or just color outside the lines of that home-made Valentine’s card!

Jupiter, the planet of luck, may help you this week. Plus, there’s a super-kiki going on in your fifth house between Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon, who are all obsessed with love. In your second of self-worth, you’re all angling for the Galactic Center. A previous, present, or prospective companion or individual is included in Valentine’s luck. Alternatively, a new direction develops. Take the path that love wants you to take right now.

In a nutshell, Scorpio, love may revolve on home, family, where you reside, or simply what gives you a sense of belonging. This week, you’re encouraged to broaden your definition of “family.” Please spread the love.



Bring those concepts to life.

Prepare yourself for unexpected solutions.

Your future is propelled ahead by love.

Ruler This Valentine’s Week, Sag, Jupiter is playing the role of Fat Cupid. Now is the time to prepare for some explosive shocks. The air around you is filled with messages of love, yes responses, and possibilities for the future. Remove your ambitions and objectives off the back burner. It’s time to get them moving.

Mercury is retrograde in the 3rd house, which it rules. However, due to the fantastic Now Age lineup in here, this is a retrograde that favors forward momentum over backwards motion. The 8 of Wands is your Tarot card for the week if you choose to embrace its energy. Ideas and Cupid’s arrows are flying through the air, carrying with them a flurry of new hope and possibilities.

On the 8th, the Sun and Mercury will collide in this area. You’re now on the countdown to your launch. The energy reaches its pinnacle on the 11th new Moon. On this particular day, you have six planets in your solar system. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in this chart. This is referred to as a ‘5 Star’ conjunction by astrologers. It doesn’t get much better than this, in other words. It’s all about concentrating your attention on a single objective or concept right now. That connection, for example.

Opportunities exist outside of time and space.

You’ll also want to show your affection, particularly in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, when Mercury will cross paths with Venus on February 13th. This has a certain bravery and openness about it. All that matters to you is that you own your own emotions.

As Mercury and Jupiter collide for the second time on the 14th, feeling secure in what you say, produce, and share becomes second nature. For some of you, this may mean the return of something. This day also brings you a mega-conjunction in your 4th house, with the Moon, which governs this house, Ceres, and Cupido all shooting arrows for you in regards to something personal and emotional fulfillment. In your first, all three create a close angle to the Galactic Center. Experiment with the quantum possibilities. Something might appear out of nowhere, whirling across time and space to catch up with you in the present. This week, it’s the universe’s way of expressing “I love you.”

In a nutshell, this week’s Now Age begins in your 3rd and includes ideas to fall in love with. Cupid, or rather Jupiter, delivers the Valentine’s message, Sag, if you’ve been waiting for answers, green lights, or solutions.



To have it, you must first recognize that you possess it.

Accept a strong sense of self-worth.

Love yourself, and the world will reciprocate.

This week will demonstrate that merely desiring something or seeing it is insufficient. You must believe that you are deserving of it. Valentine’s Week has a fresh vibe to it for you. Mindsets such as abundance and self-worth are mindsets. They have little to do with your money account or the things you own or own.

Your 2nd house is ruled by Venus. With the Sun, retro Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and ruler Saturn, you have a busy house. The 11th brings a new Moon and a total of six planets into this sign. All of them are asking you what you believe you deserve or are capable of attracting for the next Now Age cycle. We’re grabbing both love and money since this is a Venus-ruled house. This is where you keep all of your valuables. They’re the ones you know you can rely on no matter what happens. To put it another way, you can’t purchase something you can’t afford.

You can’t purchase self-worth with money, either. Even if you had a wardrobe full of Hermes Birkins, you will still feel unimportant. Whether you are single and searching or married, the present this Valentine’s Day wishes to offer you is something that strengthens your self-esteem or tells you how much you are loved. Thanks to this rule-breaking Mercury retrograde, new beginnings and fresh starts are conceivable in your financial life. Or that all-important sensation of being in love.

You can count on love.

On the 8th, the Sun conjunct Mercury may see you not only resurrecting an opportunity you believed had passed you by, but also establishing a new value system. Especially around the time of the new Moon, when Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in this sign. This indicates growth and progress. Mercury and Venus will collide on the 13th, while Mercury and Jupiter will collide for the second time on the 14th.

Something might be put in place that makes you feel not just loved, but also minted in a manner that is precious right now. Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon in your 3rd sign have a love-in on the 14th. In your enigmatic 12th, all three square the Galactic Center. As a result, imagine your home of secrets as the center of all the universe’s mysteries. It’s possible that a love from the past may resurface as a result of this. This week, Cupid fires what goes around in your way.

In a nutshell, you can’t purchase love with money. But, Capricorn, self-worth gives you something valuable. This week’s message is that in order to have it, you must first believe that you can. Your Valentine’s Day present is deservingness.



Own your enchantment.

Don’t put it off any longer; get started right now.

Experiment with a little craziness!

For V-Day week, your Now Age energy peaks with six planets in a romantic mood in your sign. Aquarius, this is the beginning of one of the most significant cycles you’ve ever experienced. It’s self-directed, self-driven, and self-designed to a large extent. In the Tarot, you are The Magician this week. With all of our alchemical and magical instruments laid out in front of you. And you have the power to steer your destiny in whatever direction you choose.

Have faith in your own abilities.

Mercury retrograde in your first house has been transporting you back in time to recover forgotten aspects of the Wonder that You Are. It may also bring in opportunities squandered, comebacks, and second chances. Unlike previous Mercury retros, this one is all about fresh starts. Especially because you, Aquarius, may not be in the mood to wait. On the 8th, when the Sun and Mercury align in your sign, you may see some noteworthy new beginnings. Alternatively, you may take the initiative and move your ideas ahead.

This week, fortune and love are both on your side. Take a risk, and trust in your power to make it happen for the Now Age once again. Those objectives and aspirations will be as distinct as you are. It is now possible to supercharge them by owning them. The 11th new Moon ushers in a new epoch for the elements. Venus and Jupiter are also conjunct in your 1st house on this day. The importance of your image, face, look, style, brand, profile, and message is more than normal. Make a statement and draw attention to yourself.

On Valentine’s Day, make a wish and see whether it comes true. Mercury and Venus will meet the day prior. On the 14th, however, Jupiter and Mercury will meet for the second time, and it will be a trip back in time.

In your 11th, the super-mashup of Cupido (yep, the guy with the poor aim! ), Ceres, and the Moon aligns with the Galactic Centre. The home where dreams and aspirations are made and then realized. Cupid’s arrow may fly right to your target this year for you. This week, you’re on the lookout for attraction, recognition, a new start, or just second chances at love, among other things. The greatest Valentine you can gift yourself is a little self-confidence.

In a word, Aquarius, let go of what you know or believe is feasible for you. Update your appearance to reshape your potential. That mentality, too. Ascertain that it is set to ‘Attract.’



It’s not about imagination; it’s about possibilities.

Accept the unexpected.

Love from the past comes back to life.

This week, love connects you to the past. Under the influence of the peak 12th house weather, something or someone may return. Anything that returns today, according to retrograde Mercury, may do so in a new form. If not, chances are you intuitively know something new is on the horizon for you. Even if you’re not sure what it is.

Your hundred mental senses are now on high alert. Especially around the 8th, when the Sun and retro Mercury meet, you will get information straight from the source. Clairvoyance, mediumship, and the use of the Akashic record as a personal database are all possibilities. Plus, although there may be no logical explanation for what you feel or come up with, it turns out to be spot-on.

This week provides breakthroughs and tremendous possibilities for development if you work in the Now Age, healing, or artistic fields, or basically any field that requires leaps of imagination. The new Moon in your 12th house on the 11th gives you a burst of energy. The Sun is about to enter your sign in a few days. You’ll be laser-focused on what you want to achieve in this new cycle. This is the day on which you will begin working.

New relevance, new possibilities

Jupiter and Venus are conjunct on the new Moon. Mercury is conjunct Venus on the 13th. It’s possible that old affections may come up. You may also free yourself from any factors that bind you to your past needlessly right now. It’s time to see what your mind can conjure up. The more you let go of limitations, the more open it seems to be.

On February 14th, unexpected chances, unanticipated loves, and unanticipated opportunities may offer extra special Valentine’s enchantment. Mercury and Jupiter are meeting for the second time. However, the super-conjunction of Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon in your 1st will favor you individually. If you’re willing to compromise and/or let go, cosmic transformation may lead to a solution or an escape into something better. This week’s game is a win-win situation. It may be about a person or a goal that is really important to you. You have the intuition to make it happen.

In a nutshell, Pisces, it’s not only love in the air this week; you get the sense you’re about to embark on something new. Keep an eye on those hunches. Wishful thinking isn’t the same as imagination. But it’s a roadmap for the future.