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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 12 – 18, 2021

This is the astrology blog that tells you what’s going to happen in the next few days, weeks, months, and years. We also tell you what’s going however many years ahead. Astrology is a vast and fascinating subject that covers every star sign and solar calendar date on the planet. We have our own unique take on the subject, and we encourage you to do the same.

The week of July 12 – July 18, 2021, is a particularly auspicious week for you, including the following 1 day. You have a strong Venus-Saturn square that will lead you to a certain emotional and physical maturation. This is an excellent time to make important decisions in your life, especially regarding your health, finances, and relationships.

Excerpt from Patreon Contribution – 14. July, Pallas will be relegated. The warrior goddess Wisdom appeared on the 7th. March this year for the first time in the sign of Pisces. Pallas is at 27°Pi43′ R, but returns on the 8th. November at 9°Pi03′ R return. Pallas doesn’t catch fish until the 14th. February 2022. Given the length of the transit, it is reasonable to assume that much work remains to be done. Pallas solves problems. She sees where there is disharmony and looks for ways to reconcile the conflicting elements. In Pisces, their methods include compassion, imagination, kindness and intuition. Emotional intelligence is what we are developing in this day and age. Their retrogrades can show us what we’ve done wrong. What we thought was a problem may not be a problem at all. We must remain aware and attentive to what is happening, following the subtle signals of the universe, observing our dreams and paying attention to the inner and outer patterns.

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Highlights of this week

12-Jul-21 Mercury in trine with Jupiter
Consciousness expansion. Get your books out! Sign up for a course. Start writing.

13-Jul-21 Venus in conjunction with Mars
attraction. Understand what you want and go after it. Unity of heart and action.

14-Jul-21 Pallas retrograde
To solve problems, you have to take a step back. Analyze the past to understand the pattern.

15-Jul-21 Sun trine Neptune. Chiron goes retrograde
Choose peace over conflict. Energy Savings. Rest and recreation.

16-Jul-21 No significant aspects

17-Jul-21 First quarter moon in Libra. Sun opposite Pluto
An acute need to create partnerships, harmony and allies. Appropriating your shadow promotes personal transformation. Let go of what is beyond your control.

18-Jul-21 Sun is in sextile with Ceres. Venus square Ceres
A call to take better care of yourself. Slow personal growth or forced self-development.
Develop good relationships with others, but not at the expense of your own inner harmony or values.

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