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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 19 – 25, 2021

This is the third weekly astrological forecast for this week and the two previous ones posted here have been quite accurate. Uranus is now rising in Aries in the morning sky, which is not only the time of day when most astrologers read the charts, but also a good time to look at the sky.

Are you one of those people who follow the horoscope and try to figure out your future? Do you want to know your destiny? Then this will be a great and interesting insight of your horoscope.

There are many different ways we can look at the stars and the planets. Some people think of them as gods and other people think of them as being the forces of nature controlling our world. Most of the time people just think of them as a fun learning tool and some tools to help us understand ourselves better.. Read more about july 19 horoscope 2021 and let us know what you think.

Adapted from Patreon – On July 21, Eris goes retrograde. Eris is moving ahead, pointing out the elephant in the room, pushing buttons, and pointing out areas of discordance. Eris will not tolerate injustice or tyranny. Because Eris has an extremely lengthy orbital period, 558 years to be exact (more than twice that of Pluto), she prefers to behave in a collective manner. However, if Eris is passing through one of your personal planets or angles, you are more likely to feel her influence. Eris leads us inside in retrograde motion, where we encounter our inner ‘trouble-maker,’ the part of ourselves that stifles our self-assurance or capacity to flourish. Like anything else, we may internalize our oppressors to the point where they become unconscious forces. Allow Eris to track them down. Eris will remain retrograde until the 11th of January 2022.

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The Major Aspects of This Week

19-Jul-21 Vesta moves into Libra. Square of Mercury Chiron Relationships are being given more attention. Conversations that are difficult. Fear of being heard. Healing occurs when the correct words are said at the appropriate moment.

20-Jul-21 Uranus is sextiled by Mercury. Liberation from mental constraints. Introducing new ideas, experiences, and viewpoints to the mind.

There are no significant elements on the 21st of July.

22-Jul-21 Venus moves into the sign of Virgo. Venus is in opposition to Jupiter. The Sun moves into the sign of Leo. The word “love” is a verb. It’s the small things that make a difference. Extremely generous. Too much vs. insufficient. It’s time to take the stage in life. Allow yourself to be seen.

23-Jul-21 There are no significant features.

24-Jul-21 Aquarius has a full moon. Trine of Mercury Neptune Recognizing our position within the group. Examining the areas where change is required. Empathy and creative thinking are two things that come to me when I think about empathy. Receptivity.

25-Jul-21 Obsessions is Mercury’s opposition to Pluto. Ideas that elicit strong emotions. Words spoken with vehemence. The ability of the intellect to operate in either a productive or destructive manner.

Clarence Gagnon’s painting “Moonrise”

The next five years will be interesting in many ways. The big event will be a Solar Eclipse of the Sun (a Black Moon) on July 23, 2021. As a result, there will be a lot of chaos in the political arena, and the US presidency will change hands. This will be particularly noticeable in the first half of 2021, as there are a few big events that will be happening at the time. One of these is a major political election in the US, which will be a high profile political event. March 4, 2021 will see the first presidential debate. It will be a highly anticipated event, and will be a great way to determine which candidate has what it takes to be president. There will also be a lot of changes. Read more about july 19 horoscope today and let us know what you think.

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