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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 26 – August 1, 2021

The Sun enters Gemini on July 26. The Moon enters Gemini on Aug. 1. People with stars in Gemini like to talk about themselves, and they’re good at making quick decisions. They’re good at getting along with others as well. They are witty and quick-witted, with a great sense of humor. They are very charming, and people enjoy being around them. They usually make good friends, and enjoy conversing with others. They enjoy reading and writing, and are usually very well-educated. They know a lot about the latest developments in all areas of life, and can answer any question related to the subject.

Observe the following chart, and you will be able to see the days ahead.

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Adapted from Patreon – On July 29, three hours after Mars confronts Jupiter, the warrior God enters Virgo. Although the opposition to Jupiter and square to Ceres and Sedna will continue for a few days, Mars’ shift into Virgo tempers the T-square by reducing the intensity of the T-square. Our motive shifts from creative/attention seeking to utilitarian since Virgo is a helpful sign concerned with being of service. Mars in Virgo excels at utilizing specialized equipment, acting quickly and cleanly, and devoting attention to the most important activities. In this Mercury-ruled sign, every action is carefully considered. All we have to do now is keep an eye out for the temptation to overdo things, particularly in the first week of this transit. It’s nice to have a dazzling workplace or house, but we don’t have to burn our fingers to get it. It’s also crucial to know when to quit. When it comes to accomplishing our objectives, we need to utilize Virgo’s skills of discernment to figure out what is essential and what isn’t.

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The Major Aspects of This Week

26-Jul-21 Pallas trine Mercury The combination of wisdom and intelligence. The act of expressing a desire for peace.

27-Jul-21 Ceres sextiles Mercury Carefully feed the mind.

28-Jul-21 Mercury moves into the sign of Leo. Jupiter enters Aquarius for the second time. Thinking in a different way. A desire to be heard and to speak out. Communication confidence is important. Examining what has to change in order for development to happen.

29-Jul-21 The Nodes are squared by Venus. Mars is in opposition to Jupiter. Mars moves into the sign of Virgo. A critical juncture in a relationship or the practice of self-love. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Concentrate on the details. Invest your time and energy in helping others.

30-Jul-21 Sextile of Mercury Vesta. Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto. Ceres Mental concentration is required. It’s easier to figure out what’s essential by bouncing ideas off others. Remove outdated ideas that are no longer serving you or allowing for variety and development.

31-Jul-21 Ceres moves into the sign of Gemini. Taurus is the sign of the last quarter moon. Sextile of the Sun Node in the North It’s time to take care of your mind. Is the data you consume beneficial or harmful? Staying away from the turmoil without completely disappearing from the map. Consider your heroes and what they may symbolize in the development of your spirit.

01-Aug-21 Mercury is in a sextile to the North Node. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct. Mercury is in opposition to Saturn. Pay close attention. Not every road is closed. Keep an eye out for cosmic signs.

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