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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 5 – 11, 2021

Being a Sagittarius, I enjoy a few specialties that come with my sign: optimist, adventurer, philosopher, and always daydreaming. But I also always have the unfortunate tendency to get myself into trouble, and sometimes, I overdo it. Maybe it’s because my mind is always looking for some exciting new way to explore the world in a tangible way.

Every day, we are born anew and begin a fresh journey across the heavens. We meet people, places, and events that will forever shape us. You may encounter these stars in future years, if you are lucky. This week, they will influence your life in many ways.

Patreon Excerpt – The week starts off well as the sun sets on the 5th. July is in sextile with Uranus. It’s like a silent alarm from outer space, a gentle wake-up call. The Sun is now in Cancer, a sign that focuses on themes of home, security and belonging. But Uranus in Taurus is shaking up the ground we walk on, closing old paths and opening new ones. Although the safe and familiar seem more appealing, the mental shock of the universe intrigues us and forces us to find new ways to express ourselves. Try something new and different to spice up the table of life.


Highlights of the week

05-Jul-21 Sun is in sextile with Uranus. Venus sextile the North Node
letting go of restrictions. Embrace your uniqueness. The heart knows the way.

06-Jul-21 Mercury square Neptune
Last in a series of three. A twist at the end of a complicated case. The final clue is to follow your intuition. Sometimes the path doesn’t become clear until after the election.

07-Jul-21 Venus opposite Saturn. Venus in trine with Chiron
Feeling unappreciated, loved, unworthy. Self-love is the path to healing.

08-Jul-21 Venus square Uranus
Unstable. Unexpected relational events. You need space. A chance to do something different.

09-Jul-21 Neptune is in sextile with Ceres. Pluto in triangle with Vesta
tenderness. Develop your imagination. Very, despite the loss of life. More attention to what is sacred.

10-Jul-21 New Moon in Cancer
A new beginning in domestic affairs. Home and family come first.

11-Jul-21 Mercury enters Cancer
Communicate with your feelings. Reflections on childhood. Memoirs. Nourish yourself through conversation.