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Weekly Astrology Forecast June 21 – 27, 2021

Our astrology forecast for the next couple of days, can be broken into three horoscopes. They are as follows:

This week, the Sun enters Gemini, which is the sign of the twins. This is the first time the Sun has been in Gemini since the last full moon, which occurred on May 15th. The twins share a common birthday: June 21st. The two signs of Gemini like to play games and make plans. In the zodiac, Gemini is a dual sign, which means that the Sun and Moon are in the same sign at the same time. This is also known as a “trine”. The Sun and the Moon are said to have the strongest relationship in the sky because they are constantly in contact with each other.

from Patreon – Neptune will be the 25th. June deviation. We are entering a time when illusions disappear. During the retrograde we recognize where we have lost our way and where we have lost touch with what is important to us. On the day of the station’s inauguration, everything may seem uncertain and few things will be clear. Sometimes there is also a wave of emotion, like a wave hitting your feet. Something gently caresses your heart and says: The tide is turning that way, are you coming? Pay attention to the dreams that emerge from your subconscious, observe where your thoughts go in quiet moments.

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Highlights of this week

21-Jun-21 The sun enters the sign of Cancer. Venus in trine with Neptune
Solstice. The season is upon us. Go back to your apartment. Home and family problems are addressed. Unconditional love is the key.

22-Jun-21 Mercury goes direct
turning point in matters of the mind and communication. Resumption of abandoned projects.

23-Jun-21 Sun trine JupiterBe with your joy. Believe in yourself. The world is your oyster. Stretch.

24-Jun-21 Venus opposite Pluto. Saturn is sextile to Chiron. Full Moon in Capricorn
Intensity/hardness in relationships. Power games in love. Maturity and dedication bridge the gap. Focus on what’s important. Be present in what you have.

25-Jun-21 Neptune goes retrograde
Self-deception is revealed. New dreams await while the old ones fade away.

26-Jun-21 No significant aspects

27-Jun-21 Venus enters the sign of Leo
The need to be worshipped. The playful (and dramatic!) side of romance. Cordiality and generosity. Nice creativity.

Still life with sunflower by Piet Mondrian

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