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Weekly Astrology Forecast May 24 – 30, 2021

These are the planets, signs, and houses as they relate to your week. The planets will go through a series of cycles throughout the week and your sign and/or house influences how these cycles are expressed. This is an overview of the week and gives an overview of some of the events that will be happening on a personal level.

It’s been a while since I gave a forecast for the upcoming week, so today, I’m going to do it. Where appropriate, I will discuss events that are happening in the world, but I will also talk about what’s going on in my life, and what I think will happen next week. I’ll also discuss some topics about astrology, and give my forecast for the upcoming week.

This is the second part of our weekly astrological forecast for the week ending May 30, 2021, and as always we’ll tell you about the astrological aspects for the week ahead. Each week we’ll give you a look at the most important astrological aspects, what they mean, and how they may affect your life.. Read more about weekly horoscope may 24, 2021 and let us know what you think.

Adapted from Patreon – The week concludes with Neptune’s conjunction with Pallas, which occurs on May 30. Pallas will retrograde through this sign later this year, making this the first of three conjunctions. Neptune conjunct Pallas brings spiritual insight, exposes patterns via dreams and meditation, solves difficulties with imagination, and settles disputes with compassion. It’s an intriguing mash-up of stereotypes. The dark side, on the other hand, might mean that we start piecing together imaginations, blanketing ourselves with untested ideas, and going down the conspiratorial rabbit hole. Given that Mercury has already started a square with Neptune, which will last through this week and into June 15, we must pay careful attention in order to tell the difference between truth and fantasy.

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The Major Aspects of This Week

24-May-21 Venus is in opposition to Juno. Commitment issues with love and money

25-May-21 There are no significant features.

Lunar eclipse on May 21st/Full Moon in Sagittarius Reveals, realizations, and realities accompany the conclusion of a cycle. A significant conclusion that challenges preconceptions.

27-May-21 Venus is in a square. Idealization of Neptune. Lover of your dreams. Spectacles with a rose tint. It’s possible to fall in love with love. Creativity that is imaginative.

28-May-21 There are no significant features.

29-May-21 Mercury and Venus are conjunct. Stations that use mercury Retrograde Diplomatic talks are being reopened. A review is prompted by heartfelt discussions.

30-May-21 Pallas conjunct Neptune Spiritual discernment. Compassion as a conflict-resolution tool. Patterns that were previously unknown were uncovered.

William Blake’s painting The Wandering Moon

This week the moon enters Aries on May 24 and will move to Sagittarius on May 30. This will be the week of many surprises, as the Moon will be traveling through both the signs of Pisces and Taurus.. Read more about may 30, 2021 horoscope and let us know what you think.

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