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Weekly Astrology Forecast September 13 – 19, 2021

The stars are in an exciting position for this week, so if you’re looking for some guidance on what to do with your life, the answer is simple.

The july 19 horoscope 2021 is a weekly astrology forecast for the week of July 19, 2021.

Adapted from Patreon – On September 14, the Sun will oppose Neptune, which has the ability to perplex and perplex. This sensation – a strange sense of incompleteness or hazy, indefinable anxiety – may have been developing for a long, given how prominent this aspect was during the Virgo New Moon. Perhaps we’re simply a little disoriented, weary, or preoccupied. Maybe it’s simply one of those times when you look in the mirror and wonder where you went or what happened to you. It’s also simple to lose track of time – escape into fantasies, movies, or alcohol. It’s sometimes essential to disconnect for a while, but don’t lose sight of yourself in the process. Neptune also heightens communal sensibility. We may be more aware of the world’s misery yet unable to do anything about it. It’s better to avoid efforts to rescue and instead focus on practical ways to assist people in helping themselves. Any Neptune-aligned habits may be able to assist you avoid the harshest effects of this transit. Dance, painting, photography, singing, music, and meditation are just a few examples.

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The Major Aspects of This Week

13-Sep-21 Sagittarius First Quarter Moon An irrational desire to go on an adventure. Restlessness. I’m stuck in a rut of mundane tasks. A desire to zoom out and view the broad picture while maintaining focus on the specifics.

14-Sep-21 Neptune opposes the Sun. Lack of self-assurance. Uncertainty. Uncertain about one’s purpose. Ideals that are unrealistic. I’m easily persuaded. Concentrate on what matters. Create works of art.

15-Sep-21 Mars moves into Libra. A willingness to find solutions that benefit all parties. I’m driven to find allies and partners. In a silk glove, an iron fist. We are more powerful when we work together.

16-Sep-21 There are no significant features.

17-Sep-21 Venus is in a square. Saturn. trine to the sun Pluto A perceived lack of affection or financial resources. I’m feeling unworthy. The sense of purpose becomes stronger. Increasing one’s sensitivity of shadows. Take control of your situation.

18-Sep-21 There are no significant features.

19-Sep-21 There are no significant features.

Claude Monet’s painting “Vernon Church in Fog”

The june 13, 2021 astrology is a weekly forecast of the stars and sun signs for the week of June 13th.

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