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What A Psychic Taught Me About Natural Healing

I’m not the kind of person to try and connect with someone else’s life experience. I’ve never been keen on the idea of ESP or having someone’s insights into my own life. That being said, I’ve had some positive experiences with a few different psychics in my life and was lucky enough to get a phone reading with one of them.

Natural healing is something very close to my heart. This topic is a subject that I have researched for a long time, and I have found that it is a subject that everyone is fascinated by. Natural healing has become such a hot topic. It has become a subject that people are willing to try anything to help themselves.

I talked with a psychic from Psychic Source a few years ago, and she taught me a lot about our physical bodies and natural healing. She described the human body as being similar to a rechargeable battery. It utilizes the Earth and the Universe to recharge instead of a wall outlet.

It piqued my attention, and I’ve been putting these ideas into practice ever since. I can only speak for myself when I say that the transformations I’ve seen in myself and my life have been incredible. Of course, I am not a doctor of any kind and am just sharing what I’ve learned. I hoped that it would be useful to others in the same way that it has been to myself and thousands of others.

I discovered that the Earth and the Universe collaborate to keep us alive and well. Nature and the earth provide us with all we need to live and heal. The Universe links us to a spiritual force that maintains our bodies and minds functioning every day.

From our feet to our heads, there is a constant flow of energy. Our feet are anchored in the tremendous energy of the Earth, which we take into our bodies. Through our thoughts and emotions, our mind distributes this energy throughout the rest of our body.

Reiki and energy healers are individuals who have learned how to harness the power of this energy flow and utilize it to naturally heal people’s bodies. When chakras are out of harmony, this is also how they are corrected.

The bulk of health problems, according to Reiki, spirit, and energy healers, as well as psychics, originate on an energetic level. They’re triggered by a stressor that interrupts our body’s natural energy flow. When the energy flow is obstructed, it may work its way into the body and stay there, rather than going in and out.

The stressor, as well as the obstruction it causes in the body, may lead to illnesses and other health problems. We only have one physical body at a time, therefore it’s critical to look after it. It is our responsibility to look after it as well as our energy bodies in order to be as healthy as possible.

The human mind is a powerful force capable of controlling our physical bodies. Our ideas are intimately linked to our energy and physical bodies, according to scientists, neurologists, and physicians. This is known as the mind-body link, and it’s a fascinating subject; go here to read more about it.

In a word, the mind-body link explains how our ideas, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes may influence our bodily functioning in a good or negative way. In other words, our ideas have a direct impact on our health! To be as healthy as possible, we must maintain our bodies and minds free of impurities.

Traumas from the past or present, shock, sorrow, heartbreak, worry, and anxiety are just a few of the factors that may lead to energy blocks. It’s critical to remove all or as many of these negative influences from our thoughts as possible so that they don’t impact our bodies.

To operate at our best, we must first recognize, acknowledge, resolve, and let go of previous traumas and bad connections. Holding on to trauma and bad life events causes the body to react negatively.

Almost all of us have had terrible luck or have experienced some sort of loss that we still mourn. To address these problems and go through your emotions, I recommend consulting with a reputable psychic. Psychics are professionals at accomplishing just that for their customers, so don’t be afraid to contact them.

It will take time to rid your mind and body of all the bad experiences you’ve experienced. It’s likely that you’ve acquired PTSD, which will need to be addressed gradually. If you don’t feel 100 percent better the following day, don’t be disheartened. Believe in the psychic and, more importantly, believe in the process.

Take it one day at a time once you’ve handled your emotions and previous experiences. Every time you get up, you have a fresh chance to be a new person. Make it a point for the new you to start each day with a good attitude. Don’t only look at the bad side of things; try to see things from various angles. Your body will follow your mind and ideas if you keep them in check.

Reiki practitioners and energy healers are excellent at removing these stumbling blocks. Reiki is usually performed in person, although some internet psychic networks have energy healers who can do it remotely. Reiki healers harness and channel the energy of the Universe into your body to heal it throughout these sessions.

The energy flows where your body needs it the most, and the healer just channels it into you. Keep in mind that your body may need many treatments to re-establish proper energy flow.

Finding and removing energy blockages may also be done by meditating, doing yoga, writing, utilizing crystals, and sunbathing. If done properly, these activities may clear your aura and realign your chakras. Again, a competent psychic can assist you in this endeavor.

There are many examples of people who have had serious health problems who have found relief by altering their mindset. They delved deep using a variety of techniques and uncovered the previous traumas they had been burying. They tried to get rid of the mental issues that were causing them physical discomfort. This, along with appropriate diet and exercise, may help individuals greatly.

Never underestimate the power of spiritual meditation and positive thought! I am a strong believer in healing oneself by understanding what to look for, what works for me, and what I react best to after interacting with gifted psychics.

Everyone can accomplish it; all it needs is a little instruction and determination. To begin your natural healing journey, contact any of the psychics listed in the red box below.

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