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What are the impacts of Kuja dosha in married life?

Relationships can be challenging. To maintain a good relationship, a couple must cooperate with each other and understand each other. They must constantly communicate about their families, their work, and their friends. This communication requires two people to overcome selfishness and understand the needs of their partners.

Kuja dosha is one of the best-known and most common of the planetary configurations. This is a positive influence, though it is not to be taken too lightly. It is common for spouses to feel somewhat uncomfortable with their spouses’ actions, and to have the feeling that they should be more like them. This can be a challenge to any marriage, though it can also be a source of a lot of fun and good times.

What are the effects of kuja dosha in married life? Skip to content Dosha is a state in the horoscope (Kundli) that imposes bad influences instead of positive results. This is due to the unfavorable positioning of the planets in the various houses (bhavas) of the kundli. The birth chart is the position of the planets in the zodiac or celestial sphere that corresponds to the place and time of birth of the person. This creates the basic astrological blueprint for his life and character. Therefore, if planets like Kuja (Mars), Sani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu take unfavorable positions in the natal chart, it can lead to doshas. Vedic astrology prescribes different doshas such as Kala Sarpa dosha, Pitru dosha, Naadi dosha, Kuja dosha, Rahu-Ketu dosha etc. It also assumes that there are certain conditions for the occurrence of each of these doshas. The nature and duration of the influence of the doshas vary. Some cause their effects in a short period of time, while others can have an effect over a long period of time, up to several years. The presence of doshas in the kundli is also sometimes attributed to the karma of the previous birth. Of the various noxious planets, Kuja, or Mars, is responsible for the appearance of many doshas. Kuja dosha (also known as Manglik dosha or Chovva dosha), which affects the marriage chances of a native, is the best example of a dosha caused by the malignant condition of Kuja. Check if you have the manglik dosha or any other dosha.

Kujah or Mars properties

word-image-18458 To know the influence of Kuja dosha, you must first know the characteristics of Kuja dosha and the qualities it gives you. -Mars is the planet of courage, energy, confidence, willpower, etc. – It can cause negative phenomena such as anger, violence, aggression, rivalry, irritability, temper tantrums, domination, conflicts, disasters, etc. How these traits affect your life depends on the position of the planet in your birth chart. However, the dynamic energy of Kuji must be directed in a positive direction or it will cause problems in life.

What are the causes of Kuja dosha (Manglik dosha / Chovva dosham)?

Kuja dosha or Manglik dosha is an unfavorable condition in the kundli caused by the unfavorable position of Kuja. This dosha has a special influence on a person’s relationship. It is said that a horoscope has a Kuja dosha when the planet Mars/Kuja is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. House of Ascendant/Lagna, the Moon or Venus (Sukra) is standing. However, this is not the only condition for the formation of kuja dosha; other conditions must be present to cause this malignancy. If Mars is in the 7th or 8th house. House, the probability of Manglik-Dosha is higher. Kuj’s position in the following houses should suggest certain qualities/circumstances that will be problematic or unfavorable in a marriage. Kuja in 1. Home : Arguments, fights and dominance Kuja in 2. House: hard language Kuja in the 4th. House: emotional aggression that can lead to frequent career changes Kuja in the 7th house. House: shows too much energy, creates discord with Kuja relatives in the 8th house. House: early death of partner Kuja in the 12th house. House: financial losses, pent up anger and enemies The presence of any of these conditions does not confirm the Manglik dosha. Other factors such as the position of the Rasi and other planets that may promote or compromise the chances of this dosha should be considered. To check whether your horoscope contains this dosha or not, and to get predictions about your marriage, visit https://www.clickastro.com/free-marriage-predictions-hindi.

How does dosha kuja affect marriage?

-Incessant arguments or serious disagreements will occur between a woman and a man when Mars is in the 7th house. House (the house of marriage) adversely affected. -Manglik dosha in the horoscope can cause physical, emotional or verbal abuse in a marriage. -The resident is facing difficulties caused by the spouse’s behavior or actions that lead to the divorce. Therefore, it is customary in our society to check the manglik dosha when considering marriage. Kundli Milan or the verification of horoscope compatibility between a man and a woman is a preparatory step for Hindu marriage. Kuja dosha verification, as well as various other analyses, is done when examining the compatibility map.

How to find Kuja Dosha in the Kundli?

Vedic astrology gives various conditions for the appearance of Kuja dosha. Therefore, it is not enough to check the position of Mars in the horoscope. Other factors that support or negate the potential of the Kuja dosha should be explored. Only an astrologer with sound knowledge can determine the presence of a dosha and suggest corrective measures to overcome its negative influence. If the kundli shows an unfavorable position of kuja that can lead to a manglik dosha, one should also check for factors that cancel out that dosha. Now you may be wondering how to get a real horoscope analysis that will tell you if you have kuja dosha or not. Clickastro’s detailed kundli is a detailed online horoscope report. It is specially programmed to analyze all factors that cause or cancel the manglik dosha. The test for Kuja dosha is usually done as part of the Kundli Milan or compatibility chart. When the Kundli Milan is performed, the horoscopes of the friend and the girlfriend are analyzed separately. Suppose one of the horoscopes reveals the possibility of a Kuja dosha. In this case, it is also necessary to analyze the factors that can cancel out the influence of the dosha. Many circumstances can neutralize the influence of Kuja-Dosha. Here are some – – If Kuja is in the fourth or seventh house and is present in Mesa, Karka, Vrishchik or Makar, it will be a good omen for birth. -Dhanu the twelfth, Vrishchika the fourth, Makara the seventh and Karka the eighth are some of the positions that can nullify the influence of Manglik-Dosha. -Makara is the sublime home of Kuji. So, regardless of the house, Kuja in Makara causes no problems and is a favorable position.

What are the remedies for the treatment of Kuja dosha?

Vedic astrology also recommends certain remedies to overcome or weaken the negative influence of the doshas. These include fasting, performing certain pujas, worshipping a particular deity or planet that causes the dosha, visiting certain temples, etc. Some commonly suggested remedies for Manglik Dosha: – It is generally advisable for people with a Kuja dosha to marry a person with the same dosha. This should balance the negative energies of both. Such people are also advised to worship Lord Hanuman, visit Hanuman temples on Tuesdays and recite Hanuman Chalisa. The worship of Kesaria Ganapati in the puja hall is another recommended remedy for her. word-image-18459 -Men believe that the intensity of Kuja dosha becomes low after the age of 28. Therefore, some people with this dosha are advised to marry after this age. -For some people, the presence of the manglik dosha may be the result of bad karma from a previous life. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa is the best remedy for them. -Fasting on Tuesdays and offering prayers to Kuja is another recommended remedy to reduce dosha intensity. Clickastro’s online horoscope analyzes your client on the doshas and suggests remedies.  Get your marriage horoscope at https://www.clickastro.com/free-marriage-predictions-hindi. These reports can tell you whether you have a kuja dosha or not. From these reports, you can also learn the best remedies for the doshas on your chart. word-image-18460

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we marry Kuja Dosha?

Kuja dosha is a natural force of good and evil, that is prevalent in our lives. This is the force that weaves our lives and helps us to make the correct decisions at the right time. Kuja dosha also helps us to understand when we should say no and when we should say yes, even if it means that we may not be able to get what we want. The Kuja Dosha (sometimes called Kuja rasi) is an annual Lunar eclipse, found over the month of Chaitra, in the Hindu Lunar calendar. The Kuja Dosha is also found in the month of Muharram in the Islamic Calendar. Kuja rasi is defined as the astrological force that causes all the negative effects resulting from the Lunar eclipse and can be defined as a great influence on the life of the individual based on his or her birth chart.

What will happen if Kuja Dosha is there?

Kuja Dosha is the second most influential sign in a born chart (next to the Sun). It is one of the 12 astrological houses which are the bases for most astrological techniques. It is also the second most important house in the chart and has a great deal of influence on the way a person looks, feels, behaves, and thinks. This influence is so strong that one can think of the Kuja dosha as the second brain of the person. “Kuja dosha” or “Kuja’s sign” is a term used to describe the relationship between Saturn in the 11th house and Venus in the 3rd house. It is an indication of how relationships may progress, or not, in the year ahead. When Kuja dosha is present, the relationship will not be smooth sailing, and may even be riddled with arguments, disagreements, and misunderstandings.

What happens if a Manglik marries a non Manglik?

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