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What I’ve learned from 30-ish years of being a mom—raising 2 very kind, cool kids.

In the span of a decade, I have been blessed with two children. I have learned some things about being a mom that I never thought I would know. Here are some of my favorite lessons from raising children as an astrologer.

My mind has been spinning with memories of infants, kids, adolescents, and the parenting experience as I prepare to release my new deck, Tarot for Kids. 

My two children are now adults. My son and daughter are both intelligent, reasonable, and kind, with strong heads on their shoulders. 

This year, my daughter married, and there’s a rumor that she’ll be trying for a kid shortly. Just in case, I’ve already decided on a name for my grandmother. Grandmama Flash is my favorite name, and I’m thinking about getting four more cats so I can be Grandmama Flash and the Furriest Five! 

It’s a huge milestone for my kids as they enter a new season of life—marriage, kids, purchasing houses, the whole nine yards—and it’s a big change for me as well. 

Today, I’m thinking about what I’ve learnt as a mother over the past 30 years or so. There are a few things I am certain of. 

Here is the knowledge I’ve learned through my experience as a parent, in no particular sequence…

Life may be very unexpected at times. 

I’ve never been the kind of lady who fantasized about having a crib full of doe-eyed kids. I never saw myself wearing small shoes, attending baby showers, or being a mother. Parenthood was something I had to be persuaded to do, and it surprised me how much pleasure it gave me. 

I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed being a mother. You may also come upon some major shocks. 

Parenting may be more difficult (or easier) than you anticipate. Alternatively, you may be pleasantly delighted to discover that you are a much better mother or father than you anticipated. Or, like Diane Keaton, you could wake up one day at 50 and declare, “I want to adopt.” You never know what could happen.

Allow yourself to be surprised. There will be many. 

Have a good time with your children. 

People frequently say that parenting is difficult (which it is), but it can also be a lot of fun. 

Years ago, I recall attending to a blogging conference with my daughter, where we both donned sparkling bunny-ear hats, learnt writing skills, and met some wonderful individuals. We had a great time on a mother-daughter vacation in the midst of summer. 

Don’t forget to loosen your butthole and have a good time every now and again. Your children may be among the most interesting individuals you know.

Demonstrate to your child the importance of making decisions. 

My company motto as The Tarot Lady is “the cards tell a narrative, but you create the conclusion.” At work and at home, this is a guiding concept. 

I’ve attempted to instill in my children the importance of personal responsibility and choice. You can make changes in your life if you don’t like how things are going. 

You’re sick of attracting commitment-phobic men all of the time? Do you feel like you’re trapped in your job? You owe money? You’re irritated by an injustice in your neighborhood? Whatever the circumstance may be, it is never hopeless, and change and improvement are always possible. 

This is an important lesson to teach children. The younger the person, the better. This is what it means to be “empowered”: to feel in control of your own life and to have the power to succeed in your hands. 

Teach your child to be considerate. The rest will take care of itself.

As a parent, your main responsibility is to teach your child how to be a good person. 

Saying “please” and “thank you,” being courteous to restaurant employees and customer service representatives, tipping generously, performing acts of kindness for friends and strangers alike, and refraining from douchebag behavior such as leaving cruel 1-star reviews on the Internet are all examples of this. 

Teach your children to be nice.

Everything else—their grades, their job path, who they date or marry, and so on—will eventually sort itself out, and everything will be OK.

. . . 

You can have a full and happy life whether or not you have children. 

If you don’t have children because you don’t want to, some jerks will tell you that you’re living a miserable half-life if you don’t have them. Bullshit. Tell them to sit down and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

There are many ways to build a life, and it doesn’t necessarily include mom, dad, and two rugrats riding in a baby carriage.

Create the family or community you’ve always desired, in whatever form it takes for you. 



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