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Wild Elemental Oracle

If you have been praying to the Universe or Spirit that you receive a message from something and it didn’t come true, you will be happy to know that the Universe will always respond to your requests. And, if you have ever been curious about how all the peculiar events of life happen, then you will be happy that it is important to keep an open mind to everything that is happening.

With the changes in the earth rotation and the shifts in the stars position, the meaning of your name can be translated into a person’s horoscope. I will give you the interpretation of your name and the astrological sign.

Oracle of the Wild Elements Michelle Motuzas

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Publisher: Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing
MSRP : 21,99 €
ISBN : 978-0-7643-5989-7

The clearest path to the universe is through the wilderness – John Muir

With this quote, New England artist Michelle Motuzas opens the guide to her newest deck, Oracle of the Wild Elements. It serves as a brief statement of intent. It is also a useful starting point for understanding Motuzas’ own spiritual journey.

John Muir was a Scottish-born American naturalist who saw nature as a direct source of spiritual knowledge and was a strong advocate of conservation. With the help of the Oracle of the Wild Elements, Motuzas hopes to bring back the lessons, wisdom and messages that come from nature.

In his talk, Motuzas explains how modern life has severely disrupted, if not broken, our connection to the wild world and its animals. As a result, the understanding of the complex interdependence we share with the natural world is lost. Denial of access to intimate contact with the spiritual energies and wisdom that reside in the earth.

In an artist statement on her website, Motuzas explains how she tries to find and distill the underlying energy and nature of an object or experience in her art and shamanic journey. Remove all unnecessary details. The Oracle of the Wild Elements applies this approach to 44 different animals and mythical archetypes, grouped according to their elemental associations.

The concentrated energy of this game packs a punch. Reading this oracle with the tarot leads to very clear, direct and uncompromising messages. I worked with a tarot reading based on the energies of the Aries new moon. Although part of the lecture calls for gentleness towards oneself and others, most of the lecture focuses on work. The challenges of the journey on a practical and spiritual level during this special time. It was accurate. This game gives you an order of what to do.

The daily manipulation of the two oracle cards gave me the opportunity to observe and appreciate the elemental interactions between the different pairs. For example, once the vibrating energy of my nerves was captured by an aerial map. The second card of the day brought the necessary earth energy.

Although animals are a popular theme for card games, I found this game to be different from other animal oracles. This deck, for example, is very different from the gentle, upward-looking messages of Colette Baron Reed’s Animal Spirit oracle, or the calm, pragmatic guidance of Sarah Wilder’s Animal Kin oracle cards. The illustration matches Motuzas’ personal vision; it reads like his voice.

She draws with pastels on a black background and uses saturated colors with confidence. Celebrated and perfectly integrated, the decorative motif evokes the history of textile craft and design. His use of framing and detail is imaginative and playful. He enlarges the eyes or the heads, sometimes almost to the point of abstraction. While the wings, tails, ears and tentacles come out of the frame. Leaves, flowers, roots and the night sky are just some of the background motifs chosen. This game is as full of life as the rest of creation.

Wild Elemental Oracle is beautifully packaged in a small but sturdy box with a magnetic lid. There are some thoughtful details in the overall design of the package. Ribbons for easy handling are complemented by ribbons on each side when the front cover is opened. A dark matte khaki cover with a dragon’s eye on top of the letters in old gold ink, and the sides and back of the box have the scales of the beast embossed on them. The cards themselves have a glossy finish with gold embellishments and a medicine wheel design. Schiffer standard quality index card.

This full-color handbook includes an introduction, several general tables, and a brief discussion of animal allies or messengers. Each card contains a brief description of the attributes, followed by brief instructions. The guide is only 95 pages, with a few pages at the end for notes or advertising. The four elements are little discussed, as they form the structure of the game. This seems like a missed opportunity to further discuss Motusaz’ intentions in this area. Some original spreads would also have saturated the resource and increased the overall level of supply.

However, the game itself is a wonderfully fresh take on the animal theme. It also has its own magic. The first day I used the game, I saw a deer walking along an old narrow gauge railway and on my way home I drew the deer card. A few more days of observing animal signs in the wild followed. The bridge seemed to wake up and filled the complex with energy. The Oracle of the Wild Elements would be appropriate for those already on an animistic or earth-based spiritual path, but its universal and cross-cultural theme makes it open to all. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your animal allies or nature, you will find an ideal companion here.