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Will I Be Rich? Indicators of Wealth in the Natal Chart

We are all born into the world with the potential to become wealthy, or not. As we grow up, many of us will discover how to recognize the early signs that we’ll become wealthy. The planets in our natal charts and the houses they occupy, are the first indicators. Sometimes certain planets will be in certain houses, which can indicate that we will be wealthy.

Now, there’s a lot of people out there who claim to be able to tell if you will be rich or not in the next few years by looking at your horoscope. But, if that’s true, then there wouldn’t be any rich people or poor people at all, would there? Like the classic tale of the boy who cried wolf, these types of predictions are often so controversial, that they are hard to swallow.

One of the most popular topics in Astrology is the topic of wealth. Lots of people want to know if they will make it to the top and become rich. The truth is that we all have a certain amount of wealth and this wealth is determined by our natal chart. If you want to know if you will be rich in life then you have to look at your natal chart and comment on how you think your natal chart is loaded with wealth.

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Astrology can be used for many things in life, and one question many can wonder is it’s influence on money. Using your natal chart, or looking at transits, is there anything that can indicate experiencing massive wealth in astrology?

Will I Be Rich? Indicators of Wealth in the Natal Chart

The Money Areas: 2nd & 8th Houses and Ceres

First, you have to look at the money areas of your natal chart, which are the 2nd and 8th houses. The 2nd house rules your own money and your own resources, while the 8th house rules money that’s shared or earned with others and shared resources. This is first seen with the signs on the cusp of these houses, and with any planets in the house, and then the location and aspects of their respective rulers. Ceres is also a position I use now for financial matters. Ceres is a dwarf planet (like Pluto) and some believe it’s the ruler of Taurus instead of Venus. Taurus and Venus naturally connect to the 2nd house, so it would make sense for Ceres to influence money. You can look to the sign and house location of your natal Ceres, and aspects it makes to your natal planets.

Massive wealth in astrology: Inheritance

If it’s wealth passed down from your family, you’ll likely see planets in the 8th house (since it’s other people’s money coming to you), Pluto (natural ruler of the 8th house) in the 2nd house, Scorpio (naturally connects to the 8th house) on the 2nd house cusp, or Ceres or the 2nd house ruler conjunct Pluto, in the 8th house, or in Scorpio. There will usually be a tie to the 4th house or Moon as well (which rules your family), like Ceres or the 2nd house ruler in the 4th house, the Moon aspecting the 2nd house cusp or ruler or Ceres, the Moon in Scorpio or the 8th house, or the 4th house cusp or ruler aspecting the 2nd house cusp or ruler, Ceres, in the 8th house, in Scorpio, or aspecting the 8th house cusp, ruler, or Pluto.

Massive wealth in astrology: Your Own Work

If it’s something you earn through your own work and career, then you can see involvement with Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter expands, and Saturn rewards after long periods of smart, hard work. They may be located in the 2nd house, aspect the 2nd house cusp or ruler, in Taurus, or aspect your Ceres. This can also come with your natal Jupiter in aspect to your natal Pluto, and this is one instance where hard aspects are best! Jupiter conjunct, square, or opposite your Pluto can be great indicators of creating wealth at some point in your life thanks to the expansive energy and Jupiter and the unrelenting passionate energy of Pluto.

Another more unusual indicator is planets at 29 degrees, which is the anaretic degree, the very last degree of any sign. Usually, when you have a natal planet at this degree, you struggle with the energy of it, overusing it or not using it at all. But there is so much potential with a planet at the anaretic degree because it’s full of so much strong energy, that once you do get control of it, you can create incredible opportunities for yourself (and things like lots of money, if that’s an inclination). This can also come with the 2nd or 10th house cusps at 29 degrees.

Massive wealth in astrology: Windfalls

If it’s a sudden windfall type of thing, like winning the lottery or hitting big at a casino, then you usually see involvement with Uranus and the 5th house. The 5th house specifically rules gambling, so money won through gambling of any kind would be shown with the 5th house (planets in the 5th house, the 5th house ruler in the 2nd house, in Taurus, aspecting the 2nd house ruler or cusp or Ceres). Money that comes suddenly and unexpectedly is Uranus. Uranus is the planet of the sudden and unexpected, so you’ll usually see Uranus in play for there to be a chance of this happening (in the 2nd house, aspecting the 2nd house cusp, ruler, or Ceres).

What about WHEN the money comes?

You can have some of this in your natal chart, but it usually doesn’t just happen on its own – you have to experience a trigger by the transit (moving) planets. When they make an aspect to any of the positions in your chart, they can set off events that lead to the creation of massive wealth for you. Until then, you kinda have to be patient! Suggested Reading: Jupiter-Pluto & Wealth.

Read more about when will i get rich astrology and let us know what you think.Are you on the road to discovering your true potential? Do you want to know how your current financial status is reflected in your natal chart? Or do you want to understand your financial future? Whatever your reason, read on and discover how your natal charts can reveal your financial prowess.

Frequently Asked Questions

What indicates wealth in a natal chart?

When people think of wealth, they often think of money, but it’s not all about the dollar. Wealth can also be expressed in intangible terms like fame, popularity, and prestige. So, how exactly can you tell if you have wealth in your chart? We can help you determine your level of wealth by examining how your planets are positioned in your natal chart. Wealth is usually measured in terms of money and possessions. But, this is not the only measure of wealth. Some people have wealth based on their environment. If you are born into a wealthy family, then you are rich. However, if you have to work for their money, you are poor. The same can be said if you have to work hard to keep your family and yourself alive. Sometimes, wealth is measured by the health of a person. This can be true of money, as well as of the health of the person. In the chart for a person, if their health is good and their money is good, then they are rich.

Which house is the indicator of wealth and riches in a birth chart?

Your natal chart is the one birth chart you have all your life. It contains your planetary placements in relation to your time of birth. It is the map that shows you where you came from, where you are, and where you are going. It helps you determine the challenges you face and the obstacles you will have to face in life. The watery, elemental, liquid, and earthy signs of the zodiac are the most important in an astrological birth chart, for they are the ones that create the “building blocks” of our natal chart (the house placements and elements that determine the overall composition of the chart).

Which planet is responsible for wealth?

It is important to understand that wealth is not a material thing. It is something that comes from within you. It is your own personal wealth that you create. It is your own personal wealth that you control, not the other way around. If you have money in your life, one thing you can be certain about will be the fact that there are those who will want you to keep it. A good example is the Sun, which, if you are not aware, is the planet that rules wealth, authority, luxuries, and the finer things in life. People who are born under this sign are often considered to be wealthy due to their family backgrounds, and the sign’s rulership of the zodiac sign of Leo.

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