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Your Tarot Blueprint with the Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris

The Relative Tarot is a tarot deck that allows you to see the future through the lens of your own life. This approach can help you gain insight into what might be coming for you, and how to prepare for it.

The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris is a book that uses the tarot as a tool to explore your life and relationships. It includes a detailed description of each card, as well as how it relates to the other cards in the deck.

The Relative Tarot, designed by Carrie Paris and published by Weiser Books, is not only a stunning photo-collage mixed media deck that incorporates antique photographs and Rider-Waite-Smith elements, but it’s also a strong analytical and psychoanalytical tool. Both Jung and Freud, I believe, would offer their approval!


The design of this deck, which is based on the idea of birth cards, inner and outer soul expression cards, and your significator, was designed especially to assist you in casting your Tarot Blueprint. A Guidebook for the Diligent Diviner (love that title, Carrie!) is a companion guidebook that takes you through how to calculate each card in the tarot that reflects an aspect of yourself.


They will create your Tarot Blueprint as a whole. Rather of doing a standard deck review, I’m going to utilize my copy of Relative Tarot to construct my own Tarot Blueprint for self-evaluation.


First and foremost, the deck’s ambition is grandiose. Paris states in the introduction, “With the Relative Tarot, you will be able to answer these three questions about yourself:

  1. Who am I, exactly?
  2. What exactly am I doing here?
  3. How can I discover the truth of my soul?

Let’s go, Paris. I’m going to take you up on your offer. =)


Oh, and there are a few of “deck review” remarks worth mentioning. This deck includes two Key 8s, one named Strength and the other Justice, as well as two Key 11s, one titled Strength and the other Justice, allowing you to work with either the RWS or the Marseilles system.

Three Lovers cards are also included, “to commemorate all kinds of love.” “Select the cards that suit your own tastes so that you’re dealing with a 78-card divinatory system,” Paris recommends before divining.


Let’s start with my Birth Card. The book will show you how to calculate your Birth Card, but I’ve been around tarot giants long enough to know that I’ve heard this before. By the way, I like all activities based on the Birth Card idea.


Key 7: Chariot appears on both my Inner and Outer Expression cards. So, who exactly am I? I am The Warrior and The Strategist. What exactly am I doing here? I’m concentrating. I have a strong will. I like to move and develop, and I want to travel. I push beyond boundaries and break free from established patterns. I’d want to be known as The Champion. I’ve come to be known as The Champion.

At least, based on my Inner and Outer Expression cards, that’s what the handbook says about me. And I don’t disagree.


Key 16: Tower is my Hidden Shadow card. The handbook warns that my destiny may be prone to unwelcome and unexpected blows. I often have to cope with the ramifications of challenging long-held ideas. In my life, there is a lot of supernatural involvement. Repurposing and discovery may be a recurrent motif in my life journey.


To summarize, my soul yearns for dramatic change, and I view dramatic change as a vehicle for self-mastery. To expose my true self. First and foremost, I must channel my anger and despair, two shadows that seem to accompany the Sevens. I also strive far too hard to be a superhero, to the point that I’ve become a storm chaser and an adrenaline junkie. Not only must I control my wrath, but I must also control my pride. These are the stumbling blocks on my way to self-mastery.

I got all of it from A Guidebook for the Diligent Diviner, of course. Dayam.


How can I discover the truths of my soul, to answer the ultimate question? My soul is divided into four sections: body, mind, heart, and spirit. The 7s are the Minor Arcana cards that correlate to the 7s in my Tarot Blueprint, and the four 7s in tarot will disclose my soul’s truths.


The Seven of Pentacles is the ruler of my body. Although the handbook does not go into detail on the card meanings for each of the Minors, it is unnecessary since there are many resources available to seek out those meanings. Random personal opinion: I’ll just add that the guy’s expression on the Seven of Pentacles makes me a little uncomfortable. This deck has a spooky quality about it that makes me believe it’d be excellent to work with if you’re interested mediumship.


The Seven of Swords is in charge of my mind. By the way, they are excellent journaling prompts. When I look at this card in the RWS, I’m reminded of what Ellen Dugan wrote about it: “This is about being smart and resourceful, cunning, and excellent at plans.”


The Seven of Cups is the card that rules my heart. The Seven of Cups, according to Jenna Matlin, represents “many dreams, one road.” Yes! That’s correct!


The Seven of Wands is the card that governs my spirit. According to Kim Krans, this card represents sticking up for what you believe in and allowing your inner fire lead the way. The face expression is, once again, the most amusing aspect of the picture. I want to see defiance in a beautiful, drawn Seven of Wands card. That man seems to be on his way to handing me an ice cream cone. Nonetheless, working with this card is a joy.


I appreciate that the deck’s name derives from the fact that you may locate your family among the cards. The Key’s associated birth cards, as well as its numerological cousins from the Minors, may be found in the bottom captions of all the Majors.


This deck’s aesthetics are also ideal for delving deep into your own thoughts for memories and knowledge hidden in your unconscious or subconscious. This is something I could imagine a psychotherapist using in therapy if they used a Jungian paradigm. The Relative Tarot shines as a deck to use for self-development or meditation.



I got the deck and book set from the publisher for potential endorsement in line with Title 16 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” Everything I’ve stated so far has been genuine and properly represents my feelings about the deck.

As an example:

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The the stretch tarot is a new card deck that includes the traditional tarot as well as other cards like the relative tarot. It’s designed to be used by those who are interested in learning more about astrology and how it relates to their own lives.

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